wave at all the tourists

In the afternoon we set course for the north.

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We moved all our stuff from the house to the other house, we were ready to go, the other house was ready to go. The other house rose above the trees and followed the coast line to Treedle-on-Sea.

We hovered outside the court house and waved at everybody in the court room. We waved goodbye, we are not interested in arguing about care homes.

We moved to Big City and amused everyone by floating about the attractions. Nobody expects a houseful of women to hover above the trinket style First Minister Palace and wave at all the tourists. Great fun, I had the impression that the other house enjoyed it too.

In the afternoon we set course for the north, to Sevenholmes; this was new for us and also for the other house – a long journey and a journey with passengers – cruising at 100 metres and looking at the wonderful countryside.

We turned on the TV, lots of pictures of a house flying over the capital city, also a weather forecast of heavy rain and storm.