The girls use that name because I have so many shiny bits.

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Copyright © 2021, Michael M Wayman

That evening there was a knock on the door, it was that sort of knock, a knock on the front door. Shining Light opened the door and a young woman ran in. Yes, it was a typical young woman, the girls knew what to do.

The girls wrapped themselves tightly around the young woman and pumped her full of TLC.

Two minutes later a man pushed his way into the house, he was waving a knife and shouting “Where is she? I will find her. I will cut her head off.”

One of the girls stood in front of the man and challenged him. “I think that you should leave and that you should leave now.”

The violent man laughed. “Oh yeah? And who are you, little one?”

“My name is Nickel, the girls use that name because I have so many shiny bits.”

“I’m telling you, leave now! “Or I will crush your wrist, pick you up, carry you outside, raise you above my head and throw you in the brambles.”

He laughed again. She crushed his wrist and he screamed and dropped the knife.

Matron picked up the knife. “Just what I needed to open letters.”

Nickel picked him up, carried him outside, raised him above her head and threw him in the brambles.

They washed her, they fed her, they said nice things to her, they pumped her full of TLC.

Later that night, about three, Matron wandered around the house, she couldn’t sleep, she had to think. She saw the face of the poor, young woman lit up in the moonlight; it was full moon.

There was a slight smile on the face of the young woman. “I will call her Sweet Dreams. I must think, there is something better for me to do than waste my time in a courtroom. I must think.”