big, round and hard

They will blow you over the edge in a storm.

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Copyright © 2021, Michael M Wayman

I’m pretty big and I’m rock hard. Ha, ha! Big joke. Everything around me has been ground down to sand, but here I am, half on land and half in the sea.

The southern half of me sticks out into the sea and is covered in grass. It has a big flashing light to warn you to keep away. The sea around me is pretty shallow – there are sunken rocks that could rip your bottom out. The winds are very strong, they could blow you over the edge – they will blow you over the edge in a storm.

The northern half sticks into the land, it is covered in woods. There are odd things hidden in the woods, they are not there every day, very strange.

On my east side flows the Sowwer River into the sea and on my west the Wishing Stream. Some would say that it’s an isolated place, pretty lonely – what do you think?