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The characters in the story of Frau Alpert.

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Frau Alpert is not German. She is large and very well built. She is extremely attractive to some people. She has dark hair, dark brown eyes and would have a moustache if she didn't do something about it. She wears a white blouse, a dark pleated skirt and nylon stockings. She looks very serious, but smiles immediately when you look at her. She will listen to your problems; she will help you if you ask for help. Her given name is of course Frau, though in fact both names were given to her, the names she had before are no longer of importance.

Bob is not very big. He is losing hair. He looks if as if he owns the world. He has a haunted look in his face. Was he once in prison? Did he have a nervous breakdown?

Steffie looks like a very pretty version of Paris Hilton. She is quite small. She is beautiful. She is very uncertain of herself. She does not know who she is; you don't either.

Betty looks like your favourite aunt. She is very carefully dressed. Her hair is permed. She is (almost) always happy.

Jack is Canadian, no, not a lumber jack or a Mountie. He's a young guy, a regular guy, fit and active, ready for everything, his whole adult life is in front of him. He walks with a bounce in his step.

The man with the lampshade – he is a little man in a black suit, rather quiet, quite serious, he plays the violin in the park, he has a small lampshade on his head. Most of the time, however, he appears as a very large lampshade with two legs.

The Happy Birthday Boy is very round and fat and extremely fond of cake.

Emma is a young woman friend of Frau Alpert.

Fräulein Braun is who you think he is.