Frau Alpert and Stefanie – Bobtail

I tightened my grip on her.

StoryKettle » Frau Alpert » Stefanie – Bobtail

Copyright © 2007, Michael M Wayman

He was a quiet young man, I think he liked to try on Frau Alpert's clothes.

“Stefanie!” I said, “What are you doing?” She was totally confused, “Oh, please! Say nothing to Frau Alpert! Oh, please! Oh, the shame! Tell her nothing! Promise! Please!” I put my arms around her and held her tightly; I kissed her lightly. “Stefanie!” I said and tightened my grip on her. “You are going to do exactly what I tell you. Do you understand?” “Oh, yes! Anything as long as you don't tell Frau Alpert.”

I half carried her and half walked her to Betty's room. “You look terrible in those clothes and your make-up is hopeless. We are going to choose something for you from Betty's wardrobe and then we going to do your make-up and then, and then – I'm going to eat you!” Half of her was happy and the other half tried to run away. No chance! I was still holding her tight.

“Stefanie! I know what's good for you. Let's look in the cupboard!” It took over an hour to find the right things for her, she was in a trance, she could choose what she wanted, but no, not just yet. Oh, the choice! Oh, the hesitation! Would this go with that?

Finally I choose something – for me. Stefanie tried on several clothes and then it was right. We stood in front of the mirror and we got it right. We sat at the dressing table, I put on make-up, Stefanie watched and Stefanie put on make-up. Stefanie was perfect and I ate her.

Suddenly Frau Alpert entered the room; Stefanie hid herself under me. “Oh! I wondered where you were.” “Oh, we are just having fun together, Stefanie and me. Isn't that right, Stefanie darling?” A muffled “Yes! We've been doing...” came from underneath.

I said, “Stefanie is great fun. You must have fun with her. Better still, you must teach her everything. Everything she needs to know. I think you can do that.” Frau Alpert took Stefanie's hand and said, “Stefanie, darling, don't be shy, I don't bite, I won't hurt you. Come with me and I will show you everything.”