Frau Alpert and Stefanie – Joe's Tale

A pretty young girl opened the door.

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Copyright © 2007, Michael M Wayman

My younger brother Steven, he was never Steve, was always a problem. Whenever I wanted to play football, he wanted to stay at home and play with puppets or something. He was never for the rough and tumble of life, always quiet and a bit of a wimp.

I don't know how I got to hear of it, but I was shocked I can tell you. I was determined to fix it straight off. No, either he had been trapped into it, or worse, he wanted it. Both ways I was going to get him out. No question! This woman, called Albert or something, had trapped him into it, I'm sure. My brother in woman's clothing? No way!

I went straight round to the house where I thought this woman lived and rang on the doorbell. This was going to be short and maybe violent. I was prepared. A pretty young girl opened the door and I asked, politely of course, for Ms Albert.

“Oh, do come in!” she said “I'm sure that Frau Alpert will be here soon.” I entered the house, it was big and full of odd things and odd people. “Oh, why don't you sit down and I'll quickly make a pot of tea.”

I sat down, not what I expected but I had to be patient. I drank some tea and talked to the very pretty young girl. She told me about Frau Alpert and how kind she was. She told me about the house and the odd people in it. She didn't tell me anything about herself.

I lost my patience, it was no good, either this woman was there or I could come back later. I rose to leave. “Oh, no! Don't do that!” “No! If she's not here, then I'll go.”

“Don't go! I'm here.” “You're Frau Alpert? I don't believe it.” “No! I'm not Frau Alpert.” she said “Don't you recognise me, Joe?” I looked at her directly in the face, I had not done that before, young girls don't like that, they're shy. “I'm Stefanie!” I looked at her again. She was beautiful. She was my sister.

I sat down and cried. Me crying! Can you imagine it? I can't. Well, before I couldn't have done. But it is true. She is beautiful. She is my sister.

The door opened and in walked another woman. “Hello Frau Alpert! This is my brother Joe.”