Frau Alpert on Holiday – the Maid's Story

I took the glass without the toothbrushes.

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Copyright © 2007, Michael M Wayman

I've always lived in this town. Maybe you think that the town is somewhat special because it is a seaside town; but it is the only sort of town that I know well. For me it is not very special, it's rather run down. Perhaps it was something special a hundred years ago, long before I was born. Now there are only some small hotels, some pubs and the usual sort of seaside stalls. This place is even too small for a railway station.

I'm the maid in the biggest hotel in town. Biggest does not mean big – I'm the only maid and the maid does everything I can tell you. Not that there's much to do at this time of the year; the hotel is often empty, so I don't get paid. But I get meals and a room for free – that and gravity keep me in this town.

Just the odd couple at this time of the year, we don't get the social cases, the ones with coupons from the government. No, our prices are too high.

There was a nice couple staying last week; they looked too posh for this place. They gave me a big tip on the first day and they didn't treat me like dirt, like some people do. So I tried to keep their room clean and made certain that they had clean towels every day.

On the Wednesday I cleaned their room and then went into the bathroom. Big surprise! The two of them were quietly and slowly making love in the bath. They didn't scream, like everybody else does. They just said hello and asked me to sit down. Most unusual! Normally I would have mumbled my apologies and quickly exited.

I sat on the closed lavatory and talked with them. They wanted to know about life in the town. I started to talk about the disco and the bingo hall, both closed for most of the year. But no, they wanted to really know about the town and my life in it.

I took the glass without the toothbrushes and poured warm water over their shoulders. I poured warm water over her breasts. I took a flannel, rubbed soap into it and washed their backs. I washed her breasts. It was so pleasant to be with these people.

“Why don't you undress and jump into the bath with us.” So I did.