But he is still in my mind.

StoryKettle » Frau Alpert » gone

Copyright © 2007, Michael M Wayman

You know that I am going?

You know that I must go?

You know that I must go without you?

You know that you will be in my mind the whole time?

You will take me to the airport?

Outside the window it is black, we have left the atmosphere. But he is still in my mind.

Why have I left him? I had to get away to be myself. It's probably good for the both of us. I've taken a posting on another planet. New people, new clients, new work and time to think things out.

No, no, no! The people here don't have blue faces, huge ears and three legs. But they're just as crazy and screwed up as where I came from. No, it's no better here than back there. I'm not learning anything new. The ideas in my head are not getting clearer.

I'm bored.

Two minutes later – I'm still bored.

Time for a holiday, not that this planet has much to offer, in fact it has less to it than Bielefeld. Perhaps I'll do wellness or something; at least they have lots of courses and seminars.

She had booked the full program, it was a very good price and she wanted to learn something new to please him. She met Robert and Roberta. Each lesson began with a demonstration on the screen. It was very helpful to stop, zoom, slow motion or rotate the scene to see every last detail.

Robert and Roberta explained the fun bit every time. She practised with Robert and Roberta, everything, no matter how perverse or disgusting. She repeated everything that he would like many times, she wanted to get it just right. She repeated everything that she liked even more. Robert and Roberta were very patient, as only robots can be.

I am on another planet but he is still in my mind. He is comfortable. He doesn't tell me to come back to him. He never tells me what to do. But I know that he wants me back.

I'm coming home.