illegal shooting

Jennffer shoots rabbits.

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Copyright © 2018, Michael M Wayman

Peter's dad did not believe that I go hunting. He joked about it. He invited me to go shooting rabbits on the headland. He did not expect me to go with him. We shared his rifle and I shot more rabbits than he did.

“I don't know. Jim goes out and shoots all these rabbits. What am I supposed to do with them?” I showed Audrey how to skin the rabbits. “So, we're gonna have rabbit stew and rabbit pie for the next four weeks.” I pointed at the freezer.

It was my last day at the seaside. The four of us walked along the beach. I was talking to Jim. “I have something to tell you.”

“Oh, Jennffer, you want to tell me that you and Peter want to get married.” he asked.

“No! I mean yes. Yes, we will get married sometime. We want to go to college first, before presenting you with grandchildren. No, don't worry about college, I will pay for Peter. But something else.”

I took some printed papers from my handbag. “Do you know what these are?”

“No!” he said.

“I thought so. Let me guess. When you were abroad, you had a gun, a rifle, everyone had one, to hunt with, to protect yourself. And when you came back to the homeland you shipped all your things including the rifle. You didn't declare it, did you?”

“Declare it? No, I don't think so.” said Jim.

“Jim, listen to me! Things have changed in this country. You're been abroad for over thirty years. I think that you and Audrey had a good time, at least I hope so. But things have changed.”

“Jim, you need a licence to shoot now, you must pass a test. You need a licence for every gun you own. There is a shooting club in this town, I know. You can join and learn, sorry you're going to have to work for this, to pass the test and then you get these pieces of paper. I say get, I mean buy.”

I made a mental note to buy Jim a good hunting rifle when he passed his test.

“Jim, this is serious. Please do it. I don't want to see my future father-in-law in jail.”

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