High Moor

You can have my body.

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Copyright © 2018, Michael M Wayman

Martin galloped across the High Moor as fast as his tired horse could, he whipped the horse which he normally didn't. He had to reach High Moor, the great High Moor Manor House before the Man in Black did his worst.

The Man in Black was trying his best in the grand bedroom in the great High Moor Manor House, but Lady Mary would have none of it.

Ha! she taunted him. You can have my body, I cannot stop you, but you cannot have my soul.

I don't want your body, I just want to give you a little something. The Man in Black strode towards Lady Mary; she moved backwards and fell flat on her back on the grand bed.

Martin arrived in the main courtyard; his horse collapsed and died. Martin sped up the grand staircase, he knew where to go, he entered the grand bedroom, Lady Mary gasped in surprise and the Man in Black turned to face Martin.

Martin drew his sword and lunged at the Man in Black, Martin was a lousy swordsman, the Man in Black shoved his sword through Martin's chest and Martin fell to the ground breaking the sword.

Damn, that was my best sword. The Man in Black turned back to face Lady Mary. However Martin was not finished yet, he knew he had not long to live, but could he take his pistol and shoot the Man in Black?

You say that you just want to give me a little something. All men say that. Martin promised me that several times, but did he do it? No!

Just do it! Give me your little something! Or this is THE END

I stopped reading the book to Janet, there wasn't any more.

Hey, John! Why d'you stop? That can't be the end; Martin, the hero, is dying on the floor and the Man in Black is about to do something evil with Lady Mary. There must be more.

Sorry, Janet, that's it. I showed her the book. But I can show you what happened next, I'll be the Man in Black, the cat can be Martin and you, Lady Mary of course. I'm going to give you a little something, you will get it in THE END