two love to crazy

Mr Henry moved into my room.

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Copyright © 2018, Michael M Wayman

I live in a big house, I think I've always lived in the big house, perhaps I was born in it. I don't remember much about being born, perhaps I didn't get born, but I think that I've always been in this house.

It's Bob's house, but I haven't seen him for a long time, I live on the third floor. Lots of people live in the house, too many to count, more than the toes at the end of my feet.

On Fridays everybody goes to the ground floor to celebrate with the Happy Birthday Boy, always a nice slice of cake, cucumber sandwiches and cups of tea. A little man with a lampshade on his head plays the violin.

I like to sit next to the very nice Mr Henry, he has lived in the house longer than me, I decided last month to marry him. He said that he would love to do that. Betty arranged everything, lots of papers and documents, she looks after all of us.

Mr Henry moved into my room and we drink several nice cups of tea together every day. Somebody said that we should not have got married, two love to crazy, but I did not understand that.