fling'em around

Let'em wobble about.

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Copyright © 2018, Michael M Wayman

I couldn’t keep my mind off Chelly. There was something strange about her breasts – she was not lopsided, they were both the same size, they just looked strange and they wobbled about a lot. One was round and the other was squarish – that was true.

What was it about Chelly? She liked to fling’em about, they wobbled a lot – is that what fascinated me? But look again at Chelly. She flung herself about, the whole of her, she couldn’t keep still, she was a wobbly person – just bad luck for anyone physically near her.

I had a good think – American football. I found a couple of video clips and...

“Hey, Chelly, look at this!”

“Wot d’yer want? Me to cuddle you again? Oh! you’re looking at American football. You really have gone bananas on football...”

Chelly put her arms around me and looked at the screen and on came the cheer­leaders singing the team song with their pompoms held high. They danced, they flung themselves around.

“Look at that Chelly! You could do that, fling your self about, especially your plonkers, dance about the pitch, dance and sing, wear next-to-nothing, wobble as much as you like, go bananas, do your own things. What about it, Chelly?”

“Er, yeah. I could do that, I’d like that. But...”

“No buts, Chelly. I have arranged it with Mrs Denham, the head teacher. You can be the head cheer­leader.”

“Mrs Denham and you will choose three other girls to make up the troupe. Mrs Clansthorpe, the home studies teacher has agreed to make the costumes, school colours and very skimpy. You and I will do the training. You’ll have to learn the school song by heart...”

“I don’t understand you.” she said. “You tell me to get a better fitting bra to stop them getting sore. I did that, Mrs Tinge is wonderful, it took three hours, ooh lovely. It fits very well, real comfy.”

“Now you tell me to discard my bra and dance about and let’em wobble about.”

“I don’t understand you. Are you trying to piss me about? Or are you trying to help me? No one tries to help me. My dad is always drunk and my mother never at home.”

Chelly started to cry – I never expected to see that happen.

The bus was very late driving home from an away game. We were all tired. I was sitting next to Rod, he was a defender in the upper boys team.

“You know, you girls are funny...”

“Funny peculiar or funny ha ha?”

He ignored that and continued, “For instance, take Chebby. She’s very sexy, I’ve asked her out a couple of times, but she wasn’t interested. I’ve never seen her with a boy.”

I explained that Chebby was a little confused, she had problems. I didn’t say that she preferred girls.

“And take you. You’re pretty good-looking too. But you spend all your time with the girl teams.”

He was winding me up. “Not true, I like boys too.”

It had got dark. “OK” he said. He put his arms around me and kissed me.

“That was pretty good.”

A triangle has three vertices, but my life has more.