my Dragonette

What are you two stupid women doing?

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Copyright © 2017, Michael M Wayman

My Dragonette is what I call her in my mind. Perhaps one day I will speak the name of my love, but I'm still scared at the moment – the love that dare not speak its name.

I pretended to be jealous of Chelly – my Dragonette is often in her arms – Chelly is very affectionate with her, says that the “dragon who plays football” is her lover. But it never goes further than that; I have my own experience with Chelly and very bad it was too.

I also suggested that my Dragonette should be jealous of Mrs Denham because she always wants to take me to away football games – she is happily married with two kids.

Two big mistakes – my Dragonette was very upset for a week. I went down on my knees and kissed her knees several times to ask for forgiveness. Finally she put her arms around me and did not speak or move for two hours. I think that she has forgiven me – I hope so.

“We want to play tennis.” Two of the boys wanted to play tennis. “OK, I'll talk to Miss Upham about it.” “Oh!” said the surprised boys. “Wait a moment, I don't know what Miss Upham will say, I can only try.”

Miss Upham liked the idea, two boys playing tennis with the girls. Big surprise. Even bigger surprise, as I turned to go she grabbed me with one arm, kissed me on the neck and what she did with her other hand I won't tell you. After some time she released me, I said thank you and left.

She told me about Miss Upham. “She just grabs me when I'm alone and does what she likes with me. I don't want to be nasty to her and reject her. Since I became team captain I ignored her, that was not right, I can't be nasty to her, what I did was wrong, I know that now...”

I told her. “Just pretend it's me fumbling you, just close your eyes and think of me. I think that you are right; rejecting her and causing a big scene would be a bad idea – that could cause trouble for all of us.”

“Just try to avoid Miss Upham, at least she tries to keep it secret, unlike Chelly.”

It happened. After school hours the girls were changing for a home football game, my Dragonette was walking along an empty corridor when suddenly two arms reached out from the woodwork room, grabbed her and pulled her inside the room. Just at that moment I rounded a corner into the corridor and witnessed the ambush.

My Dragonette was pushed against the wall by Miss Upham and...

“What are you two stupid women doing?” I spoke in a strong voice, but not shouting. I pulled them apart. “This has got to stop right now. Any repeat of this and Mrs Denham gets it in writing. Is that clear?”

I pushed my Dragonette out of the room and followed her leaving a frightened and startled Miss Upham in the woodwork room.

Later by that evening's maths coaching session I wandered my tongue across my Dragonette's back and neck to her ear and asked if I had been loud enough and angry enough with that teacher and girl I had found together in the woodwork room.

“Do you know what the teacher was doing to...” “Oh, yes!” She told me. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

Big change coming up for the school, Mrs Denham told me. Either a new entrance class, which means a new stream with a new class every year for the next five years. Or a top class for the college-entry students which we never had before. It means new buildings, new teachers – sounds good for me.

All the teaching and all the revision is at an end – tomorrow is my first exam.