constitutionally protected

“dragon who plays football and lives on hill”

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Copyright © 2017, Michael M Wayman

OK, I've got to tell you about the “No Names”. This is what you call us, which is really a joke, “No Names” is as much a name as any other. We refer to ourselves as the “people with descriptions” or “people with descriptions and tolerance” or similar.

My description is “dragon who plays football” or “dragon who plays football and lives on hill” or some other combination. I was brought up with descriptions and tolerance, I like it, it's so flexible and unique. What's original about John Smith? And how many John Smiths are there on this planet? Names may be short, but they are so formal, so inflexible and so ambiguous.

Besides that, in this country descriptions are constitutionally protected.

Miss Candlefoot asked me to explain this to you. I use the name Miss Candlefoot for her because I don't want anyone to think that I have a special relationship with her. Also, I do so because I'm one of the tolerant. But the truth is that her description is “candle who teaches maths” or similar.

Enda McCray, Francis Spokane and I went to visit Mr Cronby, he was not getting better, he was pleased to see us.

Miss Candlefoot knows that I am sixteen and that I want to pass my exams, go to another school, pass the college-entry exams and go to college.

I know that Miss Candlefoot is thirty-one and wants to continue maths teaching.

We are in a deep relationship and we have to keep it secret.

“OK, we are starting with the swarm. Here are four footballs, that means four mixed groups, that is four swarms. We're going to run around and around the pitches, passing the balls to other people, to other swarms. Just keep running around passing the ball without stopping to the next person you see.”

“So, warm-up and ball-passing exercise starting now. Don't bump into anybody, that includes you too, Chelly.”