Odd, this set of keys had no key for the vestry.

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Copyright © 2016, Michael M Wayman

A kangaroo appeared in the window of the Craysfield Bugle and I found last week's “sermon” in the Vicar's box:

Josephine     Susan

I drew a kangaroo with the words “See U Thursday” on a piece of paper and left it on the desk of the editor on Tuesday. The excitement – would I catch Jacob Haitsbury doing evil – I had to wait until Thursday.

I opened the entrance door to the church using the Verger's set of keys and sat in the bus shelter opposite the church and waited. Odd, this set of keys had no key for the vestry. Two men approached the church and entered, one was very large, the editor himself, the other much younger, a cub reporter with a camera.

I whitened my face, disappeared and reappeared in the belfry on the ringers' floor, the ropes were hooked onto the walls. I unlocked the door and waved at the two men in the nave of the church to enter the belfry.

“So you are the girl in white...” I placed my hand over my mouth and pointed to a handwritten sign on the wall “Please no sound, trust me, wait here” I disappeared to relock the church entrance door.

I reappeared high in the belfry where I could see the nave of the church and also be seen by the two newspapermen. At three I heard the sound of a large key in the entrance door lock, it soon opened and the Vicar and a girl entered, they walked up the aisle and as I expected, they entered the vestry.

The next few minutes were painful, but I had to wait and give the Vicar time to start his evil – the poor girl, the poor Susan. I was glad that the two men had come, plan B was me knocking the Vicar out with one of the giant altar candles stored in the vestry and tying him up.

I signalled to the two men and waited for them at the altar and beckoned to them to follow me into the vestry. I knew that the door would be locked and used my closed door trick. Yep, there was a bunch of keys hanging in the door lock inside the vestry – I turned it quietly and opened the door...

WHAT A SCENE! The girl Susan tied naked to a low bench and Jacob Haitsbury dressed in a bright red devil's suit holding a whip.

The large guy strode forward and punched the Vicar senseless and toothless. The younger guy took loads of pictures.

It got worse, the girl was Susan, Ronny's sister. I pulled the gag out of her mouth and wrapped a choirboy gown around her to keep her warm – I held onto her.