fear and letters

Time to buy more white cream for my face.

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Copyright © 2016, Michael M Wayman

I decided to use fear and letters, I wanted everybody to know how evil Jake the Hate was. I entered the church in Craysfield and explored. I found the office of the Craysfield Bugle, the local newspaper, in the main street. I made my plans.

Step one: The family service on Sunday morning – I appeared next to the font and wandered in front of the altar to the other side and disappeared into the vestry dressed all in white with a white face.

The “girl in white” did the altar walk five times, each time during singing or prayers, and sat high up in the organ loft by the belfry during the sermon. That was especially good, as only the Vicar could see me. No one came near me, was I a ghost?

There was a picture of the “girl in white” in the Craysfield Bugle the next day, “Is St. Andrews haunted?”

Step two: The “girl in white” stood at the top of the stairs in the Craysfield Vicarage and laughed at the Vicar, did he shake. I had practised manic laughing on the moors for hours, it sounded much better indoors.

Step three. The “girl in white” attended the Sunday School – that was a riot I can tell you. Time to buy more white cream for my face.

Step four: The “girl in white” wrote a letter to the editor of the Craysfield Bugle and placed it on his desk.