The roads to Dieppe were soon jammed.

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Most of the twenty million odd refugees from the island – who were now in camps in Ireland, France, Benelux and Germany – were happy with the CofisH plan to repopulate the island in small steps, but not so happy if their home town was not targeted.

The Western European Governments (WUGs) who were paying for the camps were no way happy – too slow, too expensive and what about the big cities. They had their own idea, no planning, but sure to work.

They chose the towns Newhaven, Seaford, Eastbourne, Bexhill and Hastings on the Sussex coast to start with; anyone who wanted to go had a week to register in Dieppe; they promised plenty of food and building supplies and petrol and everything else. CofisH would not be involved. What could go wrong?

We at CofisH were not happy, but we kept quiet. Quickly and without fuss we sowed the area with chalk pellets to a depth of fifteen kilometres from the coast; though the area contained some natural chalk – the South Downs. The greenies were cleared from the area, we were really pleased how well that worked; however we kept very quiet.

The chaos began. The roads to Dieppe were soon jammed with broken-down cars and lorries. Dieppe is a minor port and the roads not the best. The repoppers, as the refugees were named, were shipped to Newhaven but without supplies. The survivor groups were ordered by satellite link to feed the repoppers from their very limited supermarket supplies.

What about the greenies? They were all gone, to fifteen kilometres away. Far enough away? Not for the repoppers, some of them drove west to try to find supermarkets to raid.

Greenies? No problem, the repoppers had G36 assault rifles and WUG bullets. That they had not been trained to use the very powerful guns and that the special WUG bullets were useless... The bullets had calcium cores, but shot at high velocity they went straight through the greenies without harm. Dead loss – for the repoppers.

Hunger and the greenies finished half of the repoppers. The situation was drastic in Newhaven and also in Dieppe. It was obviously totally the fault of CofisH. The WUGs commanded the repoppers in Newhaven to sweep up the silly chalk pellets and bury them.

Aircraft were used to drop emergency supplies on Newhaven and Dieppe. It was a complete disaster. The surviving repoppers in Newhaven were evacuated to Calais – stupid WUGs!

Some months later CofisH was ordered to repopulate another area, we suggested Camberley, Farnborough, Aldershot, Farnham and of course Sandhurst. This worked fine. I travelled to Sandhurst with two special guests for a TV show – Lena and baby meet Sirwin.

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