They were the idiots who burned Queensmead and Kingsmead to the ground.

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“Hello everyone, my name is Christa, Christa Jones, and I'm ten years old, I think. And this is my little brother John and my little sister Creol. Mummy and Daddy, if you are watching this, we're still alive, we miss you very much. Do you remember Jackanory?”

“I'll tell you a story About Jack a Nory; And now my story's begun; I'll tell you another Of Jack and his brother, And now my story is done.”

“I think I'm going to cry...”

It's been less than 24 hours since Silas and I landed in a plasticopter on the island and found the Sandhurst group. We've been attacked by the greenies twice and once by the alkies. And there was the satellite TV link-up this morning.

As I said before, the Sandhurst group have accepted Silas and me; we have been assigned to care family 4. There are nine care families, each tasked with caring for children. We were asleep in the family area when the first attack took place.

The alkies are groups of old, white men into alcohol and rape. We were raided by the alkies based at Waitrose in Frimley. Sirwin had told us it was a good idea not to go to Frimley; they were the idiots who burned Queensmead and Kingsmead to the ground.

“The alkies are a real nuisance, they want alcohol and girls, so they raid us, they're dangerous, but maybe not any more. You see Erik over there, he was the hero, last night after the lights turned on, he saw one of the alkies pull the pin out of a hand grenade and prepare to throw it right into our family area. Erik shot him with his rifle and the explosion of the dropped grenade killed all the other alkies. Neat one, Erik!”

“The mess has been cleared away by the greenies, all those little metal bits” continued Sirwin. “But we're really excited by the power, Jim. It really worked. Without the power the greenies would have got us. I don't know how many of us have the power or who they are. It doesn't matter. It works. We can protect ourselves, when they come again.”

“And Jim, I have to thank you again. Most of the group are children, every week we find new ones, they make us adults happy, but the children are not, they want to be back with their mums and dads. The satellite TV link-up this morning was a great success, the kids were very happy, some even saw their parents on TV, most of the little ones cried.”

“But tell me, what was the trick with the packets of tea leaves?”