I knew that the tea was a bad sign.

StoryKettle » Sandhurst » raid

Copyright © 2016, Michael M Wayman

There was a single rifle shot and then a loud explosion.

The siren stopped, but the extra generators continued to roar driving the lighting around the compound. The two words alkies and raid were to be heard. The guard was doubled and the rest of us tried to sleep.

The second raid came after daybreak. “The greenies never come in the dark.”

The compound was surrounded by big concrete boulders. The greenies ate the reinforcing steel rods sticking out of the boulders and then the concrete – big mistake – the greenies turned into yellow puddles.

Some of the greenies got into the compound, Silas threw our lead-barium pellets at them, they burned with a pale green flame. Other threw crosses made of metal rods and concrete. But still they came.

Bigger greenies came floating in above the compound, it became dark. “We've never had it this bad before – it looks like the end.”

I felt the power well up inside me. I have the power. You have to be fit to use the power. It always takes something out of you when you use it. I didn't want it and I still don't want it, but I have the power and I have to use it.

But I didn't have enough power to drive off all greenies, there were so many. I had wanted to discover how much power, if any, the members of the group had. Now I had to find that out and quickly.

I shouted: “My name is Jim Power, as I said yesterday. Some of you know that I have the power, the power to make monsters leave this planet.”

“But the monsters are so many and I haven't got enough power. I know that many of you also have the power. I want you all to close your eyes and pour the power out of you to drive the monster away. Please help me, please.”

Everyone stood still and concentrated, the sky darkened, the monsters were huge and above us blocking out the sunlight.

“Keep the power working, we are winning.”

Out of nowhere came a flood of tea – quarter pound cartons of Typhoo loose leaf tea.

“WOW! The monsters are going away, straight up. They're leaving the planet. The darkness has gone.”

I knew that the tea was a bad sign, I had to eat a carton, all of it, the cardboard too. The power has a hold on me.

The Sandhurst group was saved this time.