just the two of us

And a special welcome to Griesela, who is a Leonberger.

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Copyright © 2020, Michael M Wayman

He normally started the show by singing and dancing in the midst of a children’s choir. But this time it was just the two of them: the cat and a dog, both singing and dancing.

Two to the left. And two to the right. Down to the ground. Both up in the air. Inside and outside. In and out. Both are there.

They were bouncing up and down and throwing their arms about – great fun. And then BOOMPH! They both sat down very fast – much laughter and applause.

They stood up and put their forearms around each other and sang a strange song Du bist wirklich eine Hündin to the tune of You ain’t Nothing but a Hound Dog.

In rushed all the children and hugged the cat and the dog. The music stopped. “Welcome everybody to the show! And a special welcome to Griesela, who is a Leonberger.”

There was a lot of pushing and shoving and they danced a conga, the children, the cat and the dog. Round and round the studio, great fun, and out through the big doors onto the moonlit beach, up and over the dunes, round and round.

There was a strange light in the sky and a strange sound. A helicopter lowered a big rocket onto the beach and fluttered away.

Woosh! The rocket wooshed up into the air, faster and faster, up and up it went, a very bright light.

The light got smaller and smaller – there was only one thing left to do. The children, the cat and the dog formed a long line close to the water line. They rushed forwards into the water, standing up tall with their hands high in the air and shouting “Whay! Hay!” as loudly as they could.