cat rout

The moggies learnt to sing.

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Copyright © 2020, Michael M Wayman

They followed cars, they followed buses, they followed trains, they followed boats, they were squashed, they were electrocuted, they were drowned, they were the dead cats.

“There’s nothing that can be done” said Angie. “The DJs keep playing your love song, even though it is no longer on sale. Half of the cats are already gone and some of the cat owners want to sue you. The numbers of songbirds has doubled...”

The cat did not understand, there was nothing in his songs to drive anybody silly, and ordinary pet cats did not have enough brain to want to kill themselves.

The expert appeared before the court. “I have listened to this so-called love song from the cat and I must say that it is full of death messages, calls to give up and give up on life...” The expert cried a bit, he pulled out a gun and shot himself.

Everybody else in the court found the song very moving, everybody else in the court had no desire to do anything violent, the judge threw the case out of court.

The cat’s TV show was cancelled for a whole month: “I’m sorry guys, but I keep thinking about those poor moggies, what can I do? I’m asking you.”

The answer was simple: put your cat or cats in front of the TV and the cat will explain what his songs are all about.

The cat spoke to the moggies, the moggies learnt to sing, the moggies were happy, the songbirds too.

The cat was happy three – he could sing again.