love song

But not as you have ever experienced before.

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Copyright © 2020, Michael M Wayman

“And now for something completely different. A love song from the cat, I think it’s a love song, but not as you have ever experienced before.“

The cat stood on his hind legs and walked to the low microphone at the front of the little stage. The cat sang, a long meandering whine or wail or screech – just indescribable. It was very moving...”

One of the fire doors to the street burst open and twenty odd cats rushed in to stare at the cat. He finished his song, he paused, nobody made a sound, just the hiss from the amplifier at very high gain. He started a new song, a lower tone and somewhat sad.

One-by-one the cats crept back out of the hall. The song disappeared back into the cat and he stopped singing. Pause. Everybody clapped, a big round of applause, the cat was drained empty, Angie put her arms around him and held him tight.