cat and young woman

It would probably bite her head off.

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Copyright © 2020, Michael M Wayman

He was walking along the canal to the Winding Hole pub, he was alone. Coming towards him was a young woman, she was probably a policewoman.

She suddenly realised that it was not a kid in fancy dress coming towards her, it was a cat, but not an ordinary cat, it was huge, it was probably a mountain cat, it would probably bite her head off.

She reached for her gun, but not fast enough, the cat bashed a paw into her hand and sent the handgun sailing into the canal and she fell on the towpath. She rubbed her hand, the cat waited for her to stand up, she stared at him, he stared at her, she had seen this cat before.

The cat waved goodbye to her and walked on further along the canal and around the corner into the canal basin where the pub was. He stopped however just out of sight and waited. Something about this young woman he found interesting.

Screams, loud screams. What was happening? The cat raced back along the towpath to see a man dragging the young woman into a disused warehouse. The man had a knife, the man was evil and nasty. The policewoman tried to hit him with her nightstick – no chance.

No hesitation, the cat ran into the warehouse and jumped on the nasty man. Left paw to right hand – SMASH – right paw to left hand – SMASH – left-rear paw to head – SMASH. And the cat rolled the nasty man into the canal.

The cat walked back into the warehouse, he rubbed his front paws very gently on the young woman’s arms and tried to plant a message into her head, “Take me home with you.”