cat and old woman

He could find nothing between her ears.

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She really was empty headed, he could find nothing between her ears. He followed her however into her house, there was something very inviting about this house. He tried again, but still nothing to be found in her head.

She poured some milk in a bowl for him, it was very nice...

He woke up, he felt very sleepy. Around him were a hundred cats, they all stared at him, he was many times bigger than them, and they had even less in their heads than the old woman. There was a strong smell of cat.

In one corner were the older and the fatter cats, they were happy, they were warm, they had enough milk, they could sleep and do a lot of nothing.

In the other corner were the younger cats, they scratched the door, long grooves in the wood work, maybe they would make a hole in the door after a few hundred years.

The cat waited until he felt normal again and smashed his way through the door. There was the old woman lying on the floor, still breathing, all the cats sat on the old woman and meowed.

The cat noticed a red pendant hanging around her neck, he pressed the panic button three times and a human voiced boomed out of a box on the sideboard.

More meowing. The cat smashed his way through the front door and left.