Every time I finished a plate one of them snatched it away.

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He knew who she was.

He knew where they were.

It was his room in a large hotel on the south coast of Turkey. Some of his friends had bought him a ticket for two weeks’ holiday with the air flight. It was winter, it was probably subsidised by the Turkish government, it was too cold to swim in the sea, but the hotel had a huge swimming pool, saunas, Turkish baths and...and also good food.

No one in the hotel spoke his language, not that that troubled him. He did not meet any attractive young women, but he was adopted by the Klein Klettersdorf coffee morning – the housewives who met for coffee every Tuesday morning in one of the homes in Klein Klettersdorf.

They had been to a Roman amphitheatre, some Roman baths, a carpet factory – where you could buy carpets for several years’ salary. However this evening the coffee morning had been carted away to a folklore evening somewhere else. He ate dinner surrounded by five trainee waiters and waitresses – every time he finished a plate one of them would snatch it away – most disconcerting.

I decided to go to my room and watch CNN or BBC World on cable TV and there she was.

“I know who you are. There is a picture of you on the bedside table.” She looked at it. “Good evening, I’m pleased to meet you.”

“Good evening, how do you know that I speak English?” she asked.

“Oh, easy.” I had downloaded and printed the picture from a porn website months ago. She was wearing stockings and nothing else but earrings and glasses. “You were sitting in front of a commode or sideboard, with an ornate glass cup and an Art Deco table lamp on top. On the wall were two unframed, abstract pictures AND...”

“A type G electrical socket as used in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Malta, Malaysia and Singapore.”

“Many men have shewn me that picture, but you are the only one who has shewn me the picture of just my head and shoulders. You are interested in more than just my body, you...”

I moved towards her, I put my arm around her, I pressed her very slowly and carefully to me, I bent my head down and kissed her cheek.

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