wash me

Washing women is better than washing a woman.

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Copyright © 2016, Michael M Wayman

Do you want to be washed? It is my first liner. Would you like me to wash you? Unusual and very direct. The usual response is laughter and no and sometimes yes, but usually after some time.

I like washing women, but not under-age and definitely not men. Do I like to be washed. Yes, everyone I have asked likes to have their back washed, I sure you do too, but only by the right person.

And I am the right person. I'll wash you all over, as gently or as vigorously as you desire. And you want me to wash your nucha again, no problem, another shampoo, no problem.

Do I get a kick out of washing women? Do I? I certainly do. Washing women is better than washing a woman. And better without a flannel, what do you have hands and fingers for?

Do I prefer younger or older women? I prefer women. Older women tend to have more to wash, that adds to the fun. I enjoy my work. I remember the first older woman I washed, I met her at a golden wedding in another land. We had language problems, but I needed to wash her, thoroughly wash her. I was not certain what she wanted, we went to her hotel room, we went to her bathroom, I was certain what she wanted.

She was a completely different shape, she had body parts that I had not seen before: short legs, a really large behind, a Christmas-tree back, pendulous mammary mountains and various love-handles.

I stayed with her for several months, I washed her at least twice a day, I decided to dedicate myself to washing women. It is my calling in life.

As I said, I enjoy my work.

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