That's bad. What does the checker look like?

StoryKettle » Amy » unhappening

Copyright © 2017, Michael M Wayman

Crash! Bang! The policewoman sat up in bed and listened. There was someone in the next room. She left Amy and Jimmie in bed, she grabbed a dressing gown and her handgun. And there he was.

“Good morning, Mr Jake Thacker. Didn't I see you last week on TV saying that after ten years in jail you will be going straight? Two short words: you're nicked.”

Mr Thacker laughed “Out of my way, I'm leaving...” In marched Amy, she stared heavily at the burglar, who fell asleep on the floor. The policewoman cuffed him and a sleepy Jimmie bound his ankles with duct tape.

“And now to bed.” The policewoman needed that, yesterday was a twelve-hour shift and again today starting at eight.

Her shift started with an arrest. Two colleagues arrived and found lock-picking tools in the burglar's pockets and stolen property in his car in the next street.

Two hours later found the policewoman on foot patrol in the town square. Bigtown was a quiet town, very little crime, but today was different. Who was coming towards her? Two well-known criminals. What were they doing in Bigtown?

A little girl wearing a tutu walked past the policewoman directly to the two men. No, they had no chance. The little girl jumped up and punched the two men's brains out and disappeared into the crowd.

Immediately a group of police surrounded the two dead men. The policewomen reported to base on her radio “No, no. The little girl often does that, it cuts the crime rate down. Yes, yes, we know who the little girl is. No, no, she won't be charged.”

Very odd. What is happening? A small rocket landed in a flower bed and a person in a long white dress stepped out and walked across the town square and entered a building. The policewoman followed.

In the first room the drug-crazed person in a long white dress pulled out a bloody knife and lunged at the policewoman. A voice inside her said “Duck!” A second drug-crazed person in a long white dress with a bloody knife lunged at the policewoman and missed. “This is crazy.” She pulled out her gun and shot the two drug-crazed persons in long white dresses. A large spike-covered ball rolled slowly across the floor.

A spike-covered ball? The policewoman remembered a conversation between Amy and Trace which she did not understand:

“A checker has been sent to spy on you, Amy, however it is defect, it's bending reality, there's clutter in the side channels, it's feeding short stories into the time lines and the continuity is breaking up.”

“That's bad. What does the checker look like?”

“A very big hedgehog.”

Perhaps the spike-covered ball was the checker. The policewoman emptied her gun into the spike-covered ball.

There was a loud WUMPH, the spike-covered ball disappeared and everything else.

“Well, that's one way of doing it.” laughed Amy.

“There's something I want to tell you, something important, very important...”

“I know.” said Amy “But it does not matter, a lot has been unhappened. Don't worry, just put your arms around Jimmie and hold him tight.”

Outside a small hole appeared in the reality just above the horizon, the spike-covered ball hopped into it and the hole closed. The reality straightened, the side channels cleared, the time lines joined up and the continuity shone with a clear blue flame.