my PC

Hold your hand in the air and wiggle your fingers.

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Copyright © 2017, Michael M Wayman

“Happy B-day, Jimmie!” Amy hugged Jimmie and gave him a big kiss.

“I've got a present for you, a personal computer. No, no keyboard and screen and stuff. No, it's personal, just for you. I'll show you how to use it, later you will be able to connect to it directly.”

“Hold your hand in the air and wiggle your fingers.”

A quarter-sized Margaret Thatcher appeared on the dining table. “Happy Birthday, Jimmie! My name is Trace, your personal computer. I have three things to give you. The first is a reconstruction of you scoring a goal for the local football team last Saturday.”

Half a football field appeared on the dining table. “That's Jimmie with the number seven on his back running away from us towards the goal, he takes a cross pass and kicks the ball into the top right of the net. A classical goal.”

“Let's see it again from behind the goal. See it smack into the net and the goal keeper throw himself in the wrong direction. A classical goal. Next a very naughty video of Andrea Nahles.”

“I like that, can you put it in my list of favourites, Trace?”

“OK. And here's a preconstruction of Jimmie carrying a Christmas tree and a Saint Martin's goose into the house at the end of the month.”

“I got some questions, Trace, what colour underpants am I wearing?”

“Dark blue as usual. Pretty ugly really. It all comes from a crush you had at school, not for the schoolgirls, but for Miss Fotheringay, one of the teachers. She was rather plump and always wore...”

“OK, OK, don't embarrass him any more. I'll get him some white underpants and whatever Miss Fotheringay wore for me...”

A rotating Miss Fotheringay appeared on the dining table, she was certainly wearing some interesting clothes and was she plump. “That's not plump, that's obese, I may not be small, but I ain't that huge.” Amy wailed. Miss Fotheringay disappeared.

“Any more questions?”

“What does the future hold for me?”

“You will be arrested many times for murdering Amy.”

Indescribable noise from Jimmie. He ran over to hug Amy and nearly knocked her over. Amy laughs. “I've got an idea for the First of Advent.”

All the young children in the lane were invited to the Christmas-Tree-Decoration Party on the First of Advent. They also had the option to bring their parents.

All the children came – much excitement – all with their parents. Every child got a little plate with a napkin, half a peeled clementine, a small sausage roll, some white-striped chocolate and a fairy cake. There was also non-alcoholic Glühwein made with apple juice. “Crowd round the table and watch! More food on the little table.”

Jimmie stuck his right arm in the air and wiggled his fingers and a Victorian England opened up on the dining table. Marley's ghost was frightening, even Scrooge was afraid. Who were the three spirits? A Christmas Carol for children arranged in 3D by Trace.

The parents drank beer and wine with Jimmie and Amy in the kitchen – mince pies, sausage rolls and Stollen.

Tiny Tim's “God bless us, everyone!” faded into the darkness and a very green Christmas tree appeared in the middle of the room. Jimmie and Amy brought boxes of glittering decorations and placed them all over the table.

“Choose what you like and hang it on the tree!” WOW! All these pretty things – I can choose one and hang it on the tree.

The kids were delighted – even more so when Jimmie brought a stepladder into the room. Jimmie and Amy held the children, one at a time, at the top of the ladder to hang glass balls, silver angels, golden birds and all sorts at the top of the tree.

Soon the tree was covered. Could you see the tree? No, not any more. Was the tree pretty? No, not really, but it was very colourful and it glittered. Were the children happy? Oh yes, they had decorated the Christmas tree.