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in and around the Story Kettle

3 Sept 2022 – Been in hospital again for ten weeks.
I've writen 18+ stories starting with Glom.

3 Feb 2022 – Been in hospital again.
Roger said I should write some hospital stories. Try:  Amy stories and Go over the edge with this two-part war story and who not what and granny gets knotted and kick in the head and another place. Roger liked the corpse in the Amy stories.

10 Oct 2021 – Currently working on Headland stories and Ireotic stories
But I have recently added new stories to Amy and bulges and dotty and quaint and granny.

7 Dez 2021 – Frohe Weihnachten!
meine deutsche Weihnachten — Grüß Thorson!

14 Oct 2021 – StoryKettle has moved to another web host,
expect some hiccups.

23 Sept 2021 – 15 Headland stories.

28 May 2021 – Headland stories are new.

18 Aug 2021 – 18 Friday&Saturday stories
Writer's block again, plus I must find a new IP server for my site.

23 Feb 2021 – more granny stories

9 Feb 2021 – Over 1100 pieces of content on this site!

8 Feb 2021 – The 7-part bolt story is finished.

14 Jan 2021 – new story in Jänner
odd things happen

2 Sept 2020 – more bulge stories
and more quaint stories.

17 June 2020 – mostly cat stories

21 April 2020 – home page improvements
I have decluttered the home page to make it more attractive, it's one third smaller now.

16 April 2020 – Ich bin auf die Nase gefallen!
Sehr schmerzhaft.

8 March 2020 – Spent two days in hospital.
Luckily my kidney stone left my body of its own accord.

4 Feb 2020 – 34 bulge stories
and two quaint stories.

13 Jan 2020 – Some how 2019 could have been a better year.
Let's all try to do something in this year worth remembering.

31 Dec 2019 – I'm writing again.
I created 50 pieces of content in the year 2019; 10 in the months June to October and 26 in November and December: 21 bulge stories (an experiment with very short stories), 2 Amy stories, 2 granny stories, and one cat story.

9 Nov 2019 – bulges
I've started writing again, the stories have been there for some time, but I couldn't get started. The first are very short stories about bulges.
At home chaos, a water leak has ruined one floor, all the partition walls and doors must be ripped out and together with the floor blasted with hot air for weeks. This is not making me particularly happy.

2 Sept 2019 – at last
ONE THOUSAND PIECES OF CONTENT – including over 800 stories on this site.

1 Sept 2019 – the cat
Betty is an old favourite, she has starred in eighty of my stories and now she meets the cat...   Continue reading...

13 August 2019 – Erik wrote:
Your writing is very lyrical – it has movement and color to it that is hard to find out there. I love reading these pieces. Thanks again and keep in touch and feel free to share new stories when they come along!

12 August 2019 – Peter schrieb:
an Englishman’s lament — Sehr witzig geschrieben. So mußte ich gleich zu Beginn der Woche schon ein paar Mal laut lachen! Danke dir!!

29 July 2019 – Hamburg
Big party this weekend with my other family.

19 July 2019 – 43 Amy stories and 42 Dotty stories
Brexit + Boris!

22 March 2019 – Writer's block has started earlier this year.
Now is the time of the highest of brexits.

10 March 2019 – FIVE ZIEKENHUIS STORIES at granny gets knotted
Now is the time of highest brexit.

6 Jan 2019 – NEW 9gals! STORIES at kidnapped
Now is the time of higher brexit.

26 Nov 2018 – Three new granny stories at granny gets knotted
Now is the time of high brexit.

12 Nov 2018 – I made coleslaw with my old Kenwood Chef.

11 Nov 2018 – War is over!
Three new Betty stories starting at confused, a new Amy story Harlequin, and two granny stories to come. My brother has a new hip joint.

27 Sept 2018 – Back online!
My PC died in August, I ordered a new one and a Dampfgarer. My kettle died. My monitor did not have the right plug (HDMI), I ordered an adapter and a new kettle. My microwave died. My monitor refused to listen to my new PC, I ordered a new monitor and a new microwave. My very patient neighbour allowed me the use of his laptop to order stuff. I'm online again.

20 Sept 2018 – Steam on!
I'm now the proud owner of an electric steamer (Dampfgarer). I had a small bamboo steamer from China Town in New York, but it was not easy to cook with. The new steamer is quick and easy, however a lot of washing-up afterwards. It cooks veggies very quickly without salt. I've tried chicken drum sticks, chicken whole legs, a whole chicken, salmon and trout. Despite it being healthier – no salt and no frying – I like it.

27 July 2018 – 36 dotty storieswife of man is new
It's 40°C on the terrace. Blood moon tonight. My ebook is COMPLETE!

26 July 2018 – my brother-in-law died

27 June 2018 – update
Over 1000 pages on this site. The six-part vertex stories are finished. My ebook is almost ready.

25 June 2018 – sad day

28 May 2018 – NOT UNHAPPY
My brother has broken his arm badly, a neighbour's son has died, I'm wet with sweat, the temperature is mid thirty, I'm still working on my ebook, but I'm happy.

26 April 2018 – NEW: see my ideas for an ebook.
In 2012 I started my ebook project, ebooks were in, I knew that love stories were very popular. When I started to write I wanted to write stories with humour, but many of my stories turned themselves into love stories. An ebook of love stories – why not?

15 April 2018 – The coloured pole in the garden is broken.
I must repair it.

1 April 2018 – Betty on the rampage
I can't keep Betty down, she is such a strong character, I have to keep writing about her. Try Carol and Betty and in town.

12 Jan 2018 – NO-words and list of all stories updated!

10 Dec 2017 – Get ready for Xmas now!
Send Xmas cards now. Get the Xmas food in. Plug in the Xmas lights (on the outside tree) now. Xmas tips and four Xmas dishes and 20 best Xmas recipes

3 Dez 2017 – Es schneite,
mein Auto ist an der Hessen-Bayern-Grenze stehen geblieben. Ich musste in einem Hotel übernachten.

19 Nov 2017 – St. Martin's roast goose today

11 Nov 2017 – On St. Martin's Day,
children in Flanders, the southern and north-western parts of the Netherlands, and the Catholic areas of Germany and Austria still participate in paper lantern processions. Often, a man dressed as St. Martin rides on a horse in front of the procession. The children sing songs about St. Martin and about their lanterns. The food traditionally eaten on the day is goose, a rich bird. According to legend, Martin was reluctant to become bishop, which is why he hid in a stable filled with geese. The noise made by the geese betrayed his location to the people who were looking for him.

10 Nov 2017 – The Story Kettle is ten years old today – HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
Read tips for a loved one.

23 Oct 2017 – FOUR vertex stories
I don't need a name for you. I know who you are. You are the you who goes to sleep with your arm inside my rib cage clutching my heart. How could I not know who you are.

10 Oct 2017 – Sorry, but there hasn't been a lot of new stories this year.
Click or tap on  next story➤  at the bottom right of most pages to read the next story.

3 Sept 2017 – Summer writer's block is over.
New Amy stories coming.

24. Juli 2017 – Schreibblockade, wie jedes Jahr.

3 July 2017 – usual summer writer's block
I've discovered a wasp's nest in the roller blinds upstairs.
Spent an hour adding missing quote marks and removing extraneous ones.

20. Mai 2017 – In zwei Wochen Hochzeit in Hemel Hempstead

7 May 2017 – Wet, cold and foggy this morning.
Second part of new love story is ill.

19 April 2017 – It snowed this morning.
New love story starting with vertex.

7 April 2017 – hot cross buns and my hot cross buns
Going to try this recipe next Friday.

24 March 2017 – 14 Amy stories
Spring is here and the daffies are blooming.

17 March 2017 – 900 pieces of content now online – about 800 stories
Even more reason to read   and recommend it to your friends and enemies.

8 March 2017 – new war story drum of disinfectant in two parts
The seaweed in my right eye has nearly disappeared – I've got a sty on the left eye. The silver birch tree is now in a hundred pieces.

1 March 2017 – Ash Wednesday again
Friday I went to the diamond wedding anniversary of Heinz-Otto and his wife Elfriede. There was a big party in a hotel in Heiligenhaus near Essen.
The next morning I drove two sisters ten kilometres to the evangelist Jona-Kirche in Heidenhausen for the service. We sang hymns, one of which was Morning has Broken in German, accompanied by the organ and a brass band. Two trumpets and a tuba played by grandsons and a trombone by a daughter-out-law.
After photos I took the sisters and the pastor back to the hotel for another party. I told the pastor about while talking about refugees. He liked the idea about giving things away.
On the way home I nearly ran over a man standing in the road taking his clothes off. Lots of people were dressed as cowboys, nuns, pirates and kings. It's carnival time all over the world, even England celebrates Shrove Tuesday.

1 Jan 2017 – NEW offcuts for 2017
Old offcuts for 2016 are here.

29 Dec 2016 – NEW Dotty stories

19 Dec 2016 – Hoping for a Better Year in 2017

A Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year

17 Dec 2016 – NEW Mrs Happy story and EIGHT Amy stories

1 Dec 2016 – The first Advent has been and gone.
One of my silver birches has died (7 metres high); I, with some help, cut off the branches and the top third; on the rest of the trunk hangs 40 lights to amuse the kids ( very old fashioned, filament bulbs). Tomorrow I drive to the other end of the country for a big roast goose party.

30 Nov 2016 – The website received the most ever visitors in November,
however much referral spam.

11 Nov 2016 – FIVE Amy stories

1 Nov 2016 – The two most popular content pages in October were
you little and links.

12 Oct 2016 – THREE NEW Amy stories

1 Oct 2016 – Amy stories are new.
Amy is studying "Stupidity in the Early Twenty-first Century".

5 Aug 2016 – New Cuthbert story Mrs Tups
Cold is gone, now I have toothache.

3 Aug 2016 – Three René stories.
Keep shoving   down everybody's neck.

1 Aug 2016 – What is a rhorter?
My cold is almost gone and more people are visiting the site; keep recommending   to everybody, thank you.

25 July 2016 – Second bad cold this summer,
this time with back pain, I'm doing nothing, just surfing the web in my underpants.

13 July 2016 – Fried egg and sausage butty for lunch,
just right after cleaning out the water butt and fitting a new tap.

10 July 2016 – new granny story is ready:
granny and three men

25 June 2016 – three years

20 June 2016 – new power multi-part story is ready:
the Sandhurst sequence

7 June 2016 – Statistics for the month of May were good, so tell everybody you know about

2 June 2016 – Two short words of great interest to me now: Brexit and Trump.
My sister was not born in May, what's her name?

20 May 2016 – new power multi-part story in progress:
the Sandhurst sequence

30 April 2016 – 850 pieces of content now online
I'm experimenting with non-underlined links.

28 April 2016 – 'started writing a big new power story

9 April 2016 – EIGHT Nottingham stories

23 March 2016 – Soon be Easter,
but I'm not writing much, maybe some Nottingham stories.

15 Feb 2016 – Funny,
the 19-part Brasslans stories are now complete, they took me three years to write, but the 13-part girl in white only one week. I may however write some inbetweening stories sometime, some of the characters have a hold on me and want to come out.

13 Feb 2016 – new 13-part story
I wrote the girl in white in a week. It started as a single humorous short story, it grew to a crime story and ended as a love story.

8 Feb 2016 – new stuff – new folder
New stories starting here.

29 Jan 2016 – end of January
There are crocuses and hyacinths in the garden and a left-over chocolate Father Xmas next to the Easter eggs in Aldi.

23 Jan 2016 – Now twelve Brasslans stories.
I hope to complete Brasslans this year.

6 Jan 2016 – All the Xmas decorations are gone.
Time to clear out so much unneeded stuff.
Time to write all those stories in my head.

5 Jan 2016 – Twelfth Night tonight!
New are Joan the funnel and Joan and the socwok and offcuts for this year. Joan is particularly strange.

29 Dec 2015 – It's been two and a half years.
It's not getting any better. The sun is shining, but it's raining in my heart. It's too much. It's...

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