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30 Dec 2011 – 35 Jennffer stories now online.

26 Dec 2011 – New contact page
Started new contact and blog page and new offcuts.

25 Dec 2011 – Celebrate Xmas in QWERTYIOP-Land today!
See keyboard layouts and red buttons.

24 Dec 2011 – Celebrate Xmas in QWERTZ-Land (central and eastern Europe) today.
The second granny story is new: granny stole it and granny has a handle and granny 3.

14 Dec 2011 – I received an email "child bicycle and bicycle parts and adult bicycle supplier"
from China.

8 Dec 2011 – We Three Kings of Orient Tar
I used to wonder what Orient Tar was, perhaps a company selling asphalt for road making. Very traditional is

O Star of wonder, star of night
Star with royal beauty bright
Westward leading, still proceeding
Guide us to thy Perfect Light

New are worthless heroes and hangerloo and granny stole it and granny holds on tight and Truth At Ten and my white bicycle and tomorrow is and stand on my plant and a new seventh picture gallery and 3 new Jennffer stories.

5 Nov 2011 – Enjoy the fifth of November, Gunpowder, treason and plot.
Truth At Ten for the truth about D&C.

27 Oct 2011 – granny stole it
This granny story started as a short offcut and is not relevant to shove your granny.

14. Okt 2011 – Tunnel
Die erste deutsche Geschichte nach 15 Monaten!

17 Sept 2011 – Goedendag Steffie Canu op Wiezoekje!
Thanks for the links to this site, but some are slightly wrong, they include spaces:
Frau Alpert and Stefanie – the Horse's Tale and Stefanie makes good.

15 Sept 2011 – 30 Jennffer stories now online.
Very important new story!

8 Sept 2011 – Xmas starts 1 Sept, ends 20 Dec
It's good to know that Easter eggs will soon be in the shops.

3 Sept 2011 – back from my hols in the north of the country
The odd wrong sequence is very odd, very confusing, with everything in the wrong order.

14 Aug 2011 – Google has indexed 99% of the pages on this website (589 from 594).

10 Aug 2011 – quiet times
I'm still resting my eye, I can see better; many of the pages have been cleaned up, hope that helps.

24 July 2011 – 27 Jennffer stories now online.

18 July 2011 – New sixth picture gallery.

17 July 2011 – Thumper comes from the bad part of town,
a struggle with violence, depression and alcoholism. A longer story than usual.

17. Juli 2011 – Martin Römhild wird gelinkt, siehe Projekt-Links

14 July 2011 – selected links with project links is a new page for you
My right eye has been operated on, I can see better and today is a French holiday.
I like a good non sequitur in July. New story coming up is not about a rabbit.

4. Juli 2011 – triboox   Freiheit für Bücher
für neue Autoren, einfach anzumelden. Ein Tipp für Manuskripten: Der Text soll doppelt so groß sein wie normal, 20 pt statt 10 bzw. 12 pt.
triboox ist inzwischen gestorben!!!

4 July 2011 – writer's block again
I'm thinking about a story of a brass village.

13 June 2011 – more excerpts

31. Mai 2011 – Schwarzer fordert Respekt für Kachelmanns Ex-Freundin (SPIEGELONLINE)
Frauenrechtlerin Alice Schwarzer stellte sich an die Seite von Kachelmanns Ex-Freundin. "Man muss auch Respekt vor dem möglichen Opfer haben", sagte Schwarzer, die den Vergewal­tigungs­prozess für die "Bild"-Zeitung begleitet hatte. Die Nebenklägerin habe "sehr überzeugend dargelegt, dass sie vielleicht die Wahrheit gesagt habe". Der Prozess habe gezeigt, dass Kachelmann "nicht nur diese Frau gezielt manipuliert hat". "Er kommt nicht ins Gefängnis, es bleibt alles offen", sagte Schwarzer.
Ja, das ist schön, nicht wahr: "sehr überzeugend dargelegt, dass sie vielleicht die Wahrheit gesagt habe".

19 May 2011 – says (literally) is a largest website in the world and has google pagerank 1 is using... programming language and language used for website textual content is en
Well, what do you know? That and the world is coming to an end on Saturday.

3 May 2011 – a short item in The Economist April 30th 2011
A young man and his fiancée were expected to get married in central London on April 29th. Millions of Britons took advantage of the opportunity to take a foreign holiday.
I half remember something similar in the Morning Star many years ago:
The traffic in the area of the Mall in London was interrupted yesterday by the marriage of Mark Phillips and Anne Winsor.

1 May 2011 – elephant guns it

20 April 2011 – Fröhliche Ostern!
23 Jennffer stories now online.

4 April 2011 – 21 Jennffer stories now online
Spring is here.

15 March 2011 – A strange story about a brick.

9 March 2011 – Google has indexed 95% of the pages on this website (539 from 566).

20 Feb 2011 – Got a new 'puter!
Aren't I a lucky boy.

1 Feb 2011 – red wash is my first crime story
All eleven parts are now online!

30 Jan 2011 – new is top ten links
The links page has always been popular, though rather long, so now the best eleven, twelve or nine external links are on one short page.

25 Jan 2011 – red wash is an eleven-part crime story
Last parts coming soon. I'm having trouble with my sight.

19 Jan 2011 – 17 Jennffer stories now online
Google has indexed 80% of the pages on this website and given it a page rank of one.

4 Jan 2011 – Happy New Year 2011
After suffering from a bad cold I have redone the home page, there are several new stories and pictures there, and a new offcuts has been started.

29 Dec 2010 – sunny holiday in Madrid
I spent Xmas in Madrid and missed the white Xmas. Somebody downloaded 499 pages from this site on Boxing Day. Happy New Year to everyone!

23 Dec 2010 – a seasonal offcut 34th of August for you

20 Dec 2010 – new story mauve
It's snowing, the airports are blocked, I'm s'posed to be flying to Madrid on the 24th. Will I make it?

26 Nov 2010 – new index sister
No, the stories are not about sisters!
No, the stories are for my sister!
My sister could read these stories.
These stories are suitable for my sister.

22 Nov 2010 – 2 new Jennffer stories
I'm having trouble writing again, nothing in German for months.

21 Nov 2010 – All content pages now have bread » crumbs! Wow!
Didn't you really want to know this? The term comes from the trail of bread crumbs left by Hansel and Gretel in the popular fairytale.

1 Nov 2010 – new Jennffer story, eleven in all

26 Oct 2010 – Greetings to all the people I met on Crete!

13 Oct 2010 – a love story
It started as a simple absurd story about eating politicians, but when I had finished writing it was a six-part love story, starting with eaten and not gone away.

12 Oct 2010 – every day is not everyday
Over twenty pages had this error.
Google has indexed over 75% of the pages on this site!

28 Sept 2010 – The love story is eaten and stayed put.

24 Sept 2010 – New pictures and links in picture gallery and the links.
New multi-part love story eaten and not gone away.

5 Sept 2010 – Updated the site map and the links.

1 Sept 2010 – Started a new fifth picture gallery.

29 Aug 2010 – See new titles in offcuts index!
I've written several new offcuts, such as only one crown.

21 Aug 2010 – 2 new Jennffer stories,
eight in all. I'm experimenting with breadcrumbs and having trouble with my hearing.

17 Aug 2010 – over 500 pieces of content now online
of which 31% are offcuts. I'm heavily into cortisone and oxygen at the moment.

13 Aug 2010 – 2 new Jennffer stories
I'm having trouble writing again, nothing in German for months.

22 July 2010 – How is this website put together?
I've started a new mini-series:

17 July 2010 – Expanded the site's Privacy Policy.
A new series of stories starting with red wash.

10 July 2010 – 2 new Jennffer stories
Jennffer and the elephant and Jennffer and the lovelies.
I'm just wearing my knick-knocks 'cus it's rather warm.

29 June 2010 – 2 new stories
Jennffer and the old country and Jennffer and the slave.

13 June 2010 – Started writing again!
A new multi-part about a character named Jennffer, pronounced YEN-FER.

Do you want to link to this site?
Do you want a link from this site?

30 May 2010 – Last night at a party I wore a pearl necklace.
Yes, it matched my white shirt. And today I made cold sores with a red cabbage and listed more nonsense in NO-words.

18 May 2010 – No new stories yet!
But I have got some ideas. I've improved a lot of the pages, especially the home page and the site map.

19. April 2010 – Pech gehabt!!!
Ines mag ihre Geschichten nicht –
Ines und der Buttermann und Ines und das 'Eck und Ines und der Rhabarberbaum
und Christa auch nicht – Christa und das Ding und Christa und die Trompete.

18 April 2010 – Added the keyword "blog" to this page
though I don't like the word.

7 April 2010 – A new Jim McClane story
I haven't killed anybody is online.

19 March 2010 – Written about Liechtenstein
and about a gnarled gnome, which is unfortunately useless. I've got no ideas about gnarled gnomes nor about gnash, gnat, gnaw, gnocchi, gnomon and gnu. Sorry! Send me some ideas please!

17 March 2010 – All D&C stories are online.
There are 19 stories online, Doreen and Chardonnay is the first story.

8 March 2010 – Haven't written much since Xmas.
I'm just hacking the tiles out of the bathroom and improving this website. Send me some ideas please!

2 March 2010 – Checked internal and external links with Linklint
on this website and found (and corrected) two bad external links at links.

22 Feb 2010 – Two new D&C stories.
There are now 17 stories online. The index of offcut titles has been improved.

17 Feb 2010 – picture gallery
There are now four picture galleries.

8 Feb 2010 – Correct English!
I try to write good English, however not “Correct English”, more English as she is spoken. You won't find much “whom nor” and “It is I” and “my friends and I”.

5 Feb 2010 – Email from Steve:
Glad to hear that the StoryKettle is still boiling too.

16 Jan 2010 – Changed the home page a bit.
Got any ideas for a story about a gnarled gnome?

15 Jan 2010 – Added a site map.
Please use the site map to find everything on this website.

11 Jan 2010 – Found a new Colin story from 2008 called walking out of.

8 Jan 2010 – Changed the black kettle logo a bit.
Click on the black kettle at the top left of every page to reach the home page. However there is a black kettle at the top left of the home page.

7 Jan 2010 – Remember to click or tap on next➤
for the next story➤ in the sequence, as in the D&C stories.

2 Jan 2010 – New offcuts for 2010 started!
The old offcuts for 2009 and 2008 and 2007 are still there; and the index of titles and recipes. Also the index of German stories Deutch

30 Dec 2009 – D&C stories
I wonder why no one likes (reads) the D&C stories.
Doreen said, you are staring at me again. You are staring at me with your crazy eyes. You are crazy, Chardonnay! What crazy thing do you want now?

27 Dec 2009 – between the years
Yes, I've written about you. You who read my stories. And who I think you are, but hopefully not who I want you to be. Many websites have an ABOUT US link, but not many ABOUT YOU!

24 Dec 2009 – HAPPY HOLIDAYS!
I dreamt last night that I knew how to clone people, but when I woke the secret was gone; but I wrote a story. Xmas treat is Well! Clone me!

16 Dec 2009 – 450 pieces of content now online!

10 Dec 2009 – I thought that I had finished with the Nurse,
but no, I had to write nurse and MNS.
Also, my coloured pole stands in the garden.

6 Dec 2009 – 2nd Advent
All the neighbours' children were invited round to decorate the Xmas tree. They were allowed to bring their parents, who drank hot mulled apple juice (non-alcoholic) and ate cherry cake and stollen. The children put most of the decorations at the top of the tree (taller than me) with the help of a stepladder, very enthusiastic. They particularly liked the (real) candles.

1 Dec 2009 – new pictures in the gallery

24 Nov 2009 – Bucknell is new
Dedicated to making things, being creative and also to Barry Bucknell.

16 Nov 2009 – I missed it!
This website was two years old on the twelfth of November, 440 pieces of content.
Herzlichen Glückwunsch nachträglich!

29 Oct 2009 – evil in the sweetshop
After more than a year a new Curate story.

8 Oct 2009 – More D&C stories.
I bought some chicken wings today for a photo.

1 Oct 2009 – Doreen and Chardonnay
I've started the D&C series of stories. There are new pictures in the gallery.

24 Sept 2009 – GN-words
This is a very popular page on this site; but I can't write a story about gnome, gnarl, gnash, gnat and gnaw; my imagination fails me.

21 Sept 2009 – Can't write!
Now the good news – Aldi has Xmas cakes and biscuits.

23 Aug 2009 – Roger even liked Roger and the toasted golf balls
Achim said: I like the Roger golf balls story. Amusing and almost un-weird :-)

19 Aug 2009 – Got my ears unplugged!
I went to the five-hole doctor, good to be able to hear again.

6. Aug 2009 – Jetzt habe ich eine Geschichte in triboox

3 Aug 2009 – Usual writing block in summer!

13. Juli 2009 – Ilsabé hat viele meine deutsche Geschichten korrigiert.

8 July 2009 – Back from hols in Italy.

23. Juni 2009 – Eine b-Geschichte auf Deutsch: b und die Geschäftsfrau
Ich soll alles über Frauen wissen, aber wie kann das sein, ich bin bloß ein Mann namens b.

14 June 2009 – More b stories coming soon.

28 May 2009 – 400 pieces of content online!

25 May 2009 – I'm working on b stories.
Such as bagain and b gets kicked and b and the wrong sort and b counts and b and the big one.

15 May 2009 – New about this site page.

28 April 2009 – New pictures page.

27. April 2009 – Spargelzeit
Ich habe gestern entschieden, dass das Beste, dass man mit Spargel machen kann, ist, ihn zu trainieren, und ich meine nur die weiße Sorte, aus eine Mülltonne zu springen.

10 April 2009 – It was just like tea and biscuits!
I went to a party where 70 Germans sang “Land of hope and Glory” and waved Belgian flags.

28 March 2009 – I have been writing for two years.
I am currently working on the story of b and power, which will be my first story based on my dreams.

9 March 2009 – Improved the index of offcuts page.
There are over 100 offcuts online.

28 Feb 2009 – Improved the LINKS page.

25 Feb 2009 – PAIN

24 Feb 2009 – The birds in the garden are singing louder –
Spring is coming!

21 Feb 2009 – The treacle stories are complete.
I have started a new theme – PAIN!

20 Feb 2009 – New contact page for 2009 started
The old comments in and around the Story Kettle 2008 are still there.

11. Feb 2009 – Fasching? Karneval? Fastnacht?
5-5-500 ist die Lösung.

31. Jan 2009 – Drei Geschichten für Ines.

20 Jan 2009 – Stories to make you cry?
Where are the "Stories to make you cry"?
  the story of Fay or Fay auf einer Seite Deutch
  nail harvest
  kam geflogen Deutch
  Frau Alpert and Madness – Bob
  Frau Alpert und der Wahnsinn – Frau Alpert Deutch

14 Jan 2009 – 350 pieces of content now online.

6 Jan 2009 – The the-the-daemon has struck again.
Four of my stories had “the the” in them.

2. Jan 2009 – 2009 fängt mit dem Hintern an.
Es lag ein nacktes Mädchen bäuchlings auf dem Bett.

2 Jan 2009 – 2009 starts at the bottom
A new mini-series starts – There was a naked girl lying face down on the bed.
These stories are dedicated to Burkhard,
because he can draw and paint
naked girls better than I can write.

26 Dec 2008 – New offcuts for 2009 started!
The old offcuts for 2008 and 2007 are still there; and the comments in and around the Story Kettle 2008 and the index of titles and recipes. Also the index of German stories Deutch

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