suddenly the grapple opened

A special version of the single transferable vote.

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Copyright © 2021, Michael M Wayman

He was Fillippe Malleolus de Bri and also el Presidente. He was standing for president again next month, his chances were good, very good. The country used a special version of the single transferable vote method; in the first round all votes not cast for Fillippe Malleolus de Bri were given to Fillippe Malleolus de Bri. He was sure he would win again.

But now he was going to do something he had wanted to do since he was a kid, even better that being el Presidente. He was at the annual national agriculture show and he was about to drive an excavator with grapple, albeit using his smart phone to control it.

He pressed on the screen of his smart phone and the grapple rose three metres upwards, another press opened both jaws of the grapple. Several more presses manipulated the grapple to hover over a large heap of fresh beetroot. He lowered the grapple, closed the grapple jaws and lifted the beetroot-filled grapple into the air. He manipulated the grapple high over his head…

Suddenly the grapple opened and dropped all the beetroots. Had he pressed his phone on the wrong place? Had somebody pressed some other smart phone? The president was buried under a heap of beetroots and EOP.

“All the big criminal gangs in the Trafalgar Cone are run by politicians. That foundation in the Netherlands did not sent us there to do a big education survey, that was just a front. No, the foundation is controlled by some of the politicians and they thought that we were a crazy pair of homicidal thugs who would terminate the other politicians for them. Even Rudy understood that.”

“You’re too right there, Saturday. Funny thing though, when we were there, in the Trafalgar Cone, we never killed anybody.”

“Yeah, Friday. We found the education survey more interesting. If we didn’t kill anybody, who did?”

“Easy, obviously some other crazy pair of homicidal thugs. Did you read the report about Fillippe Malleolus de Bri?”

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