pipe down

I held it up to his nose.

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Copyright © 2021, Michael M Wayman

Rudi was agitated, very agitated. I’m agitated too, most of the time, those terrible dreams; but I don’t shake, at least I don’t think that I do.

He answered my question, but I don’t think that he heard my question right, what did “the OK” mean?

“It’s the gangs, say what you will, organised crime, drug dealing, gunrunning, murder, assassination or even foundation. It’s the politicians, but not all of them, that run the whole show. They’re responsible that I…

He stopped abruptly and shook more. I knew what to do, I took the asthma pipe that was hanging round his neck and held it up to his nose. He needed time to recover.

I needed time, what was happening around me? The dreams? Crime and politicians? Do I need to escape? I’ve written down all my dreams in a notebook, maybe I could write a book about them. I remembered about the president of Mankeville – real bad – his head was found stuck in a gallon can of treacle.