dream a little dream

In the middle sat a very large king penguin.

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Copyright © 2021, Michael M Wayman

I was sitting on the edge of the bed, I was dreaming that I was dreaming.

I was in a room with many penguins, I was probably a penguin too. The penguins were chatting, drinking coffee and waiting – for what I don’t know. In the middle sat a very large king penguin, who was reading a newspaper, nobody talked to him, he was so great and famous.

A double penguin entered the room, it stared at the king penguin. Odd.

His arms fell to his sides. His expression left his face. His newspaper fell onto his lap. He remained seated.

I don’t like flying much, not that I’m afraid, just that the whole experience is very uncomfortable. There was turbulence too, no banging my head on the ceiling, I always remain belted in. A very large lady came flying through the air, I grabbed her and she landed on my lap. She liked it there. And she stayed on my lap for the rest of the flight.

Many penguins later I was watching TV, very strange, not possible, but it had happened, probably deliberate. He had had many enemies, but who would do such a thing. Shortly after that canned penguin appeared in the supermarkets.

“Yes, they come from the Trafalgar Cone, a bit fishy, but full of nutriment.” I was watching a parliamentary debate on TV, the president of the largest country in the Cone was speaking, I understood some of it. A very strange woman jumped onto the podium and hit the president. Why do that, he was rather nasty man, but why do that? Was it a double woman? Most of the deputies pulled out handguns and tried to shoot the woman. She had fallen to the floor and the president got severe lead poisoning. Every deputy in the House of Deputies had at least one enemy in the House of Deputies. What a chance. Within two minutes all the deputies and the president were gone.

Much confusion, many repeated dreams. Who is Julie Flangechanger? Just not nice at all. Really bad. Nightmares. Bad dreams. Bad repeated dreams. I could scream, but I can’t. I want to wake up. Make it stop.

I was sitting on the edge of the bed, Friday was one side and Saturday the other. “It’s alright, just a bad dream. You’re OK, we are here.”

“You’ve been having bad dreams at night for a couple of days. We know what they mean. We listen to you talk in your sleep. You are looking backwards, Jänner. They will soon be over.”

Soon be over? Friday did not mention that the looking-forward dreams were on their way. Were Friday and Saturday really one person? Or even one goodness-knows-what? Were they responsible for all the mayhem?