invade and learn agriculture

Of course the Fatland army is bigger than ours.

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“Oh great! We’re having a great time, we’re learning a lot…”

The minister interrupted, he wanted to know what we thought of Thinland and, of course, what we thought of education in Thinland.

“V.good! Maybe a bit lacking in world history and economics, but…”

Friday interrupted, she asked about Fatland. The minister replied:

“You don’t have to worry about that, the president of Fatland has been threatening to invade us for years. He says that his army is much bigger.”

“Of course the Fatland army is bigger than ours, Fatland has three times the population of Thinland, this is true. But the Fatland army is badly trained, they have no useable tanks, planes or boats; they don’t maintain them. Their army is USELESS.”

“I’ll tell you something else. The invasion has already begun. How did they get their soldiers here? Easy, they dressed up as tourists and took a holiday charter flight to here. We removed all the weapons and munitions that they had in their luggage and we bussed them to a special holiday resort, a very remote agriculture college, where they are getting proper meals, learning agriculture and being quite happy.”