black-and-blue man

We scraped him off the ceiling.

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Copyright © 2020, Michael M Wayman

“What’s that?” Another plane, much smarter than ours, was parked alongside. A man was walking down the steps and waving to everyone; he was probably a politician; he was certainly evil and nasty. Was he the president?

He stopped halfway down, he turned, he ran up the steps, he kissed the fuselage and fell down the steps. He was quickly bundled into a limo and…

Our plane taxied towards the runway and we saw no more. We had flown overnight from Europe to Fatland; our destination was Thinland, but there were no direct flights. We flew first class – really good.

The plane we were now in was small and shabby and not comfortable. Only one class – really bad. “It’s not a Dakota, is it?” The pilot made his announce­ment: “We often have turbulence over the mountains in the last hour of this journey; so for your own safety and comfort please do not leave your seat and keep your seat belt buckled at all times. And do NOT open the overhead luggage lockers.”

No problem for us, we always keep our seat belts on. The stewardess roped the luggage locker handles together; probably to stop the lockers opening accidentality.

A couple of hours later it happened. The man on the other side of the aisle stood up; he untied and opened his luggage locker. Bong, the seat-belt lights came on.

The plane dropped a hundred meters; he hit the ceiling and his huge suitcase hit him. He hit the floor and his suitcase hit him, it almost hit me.

This painful sequence repeated itself several times; he eventually managed to sit down and belt up; his suitcase had burst and distributed his underwear throughout the passenger cabin.

When we landed the black-and-blue man was carried out on a stretcher.