They both said the one word herzinfarkt.

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The sun was shining, the birds were singing and we three were eating breakfast. We would soon be finished with the preparation...

The double doors flew open and two young men brandishing handguns rushed in. “What do you want?” I asked. Bad mistake.

One of them smashed his heavy gun into my face – not very friendly. Then something that I did not expect happened. Friday looked at Saturday, Saturday looked at Friday, and they both said the one word herzinfarkt.

The two young thugs dropped their guns with a clatter onto the floor; they keeled over backwards and landed with a final thud on the floor. I did not understand this.

“What do we do now?”

“Phone the emergency number that we’ve been given.”

I tried to say yes, but half of my face had swollen up solid, it bled too. I managed an affirmative grunt.

Friday put her arms around me and Saturday picked up the phone.

“Meriwether speaking! Hello Friday! Hello Saturday! I can sense that Rudy is somewhere near you and also two dead young men. Tell me what has happened!”

“Our preparation for our tour is nearly finished, but two young men just burst in and threatened us with their guns. They hurt Rudy badly, I think that his jaw is broken. The two men...”

“OK! The situation is this: Firstly your cover is blown and secondly Rudy needs medical attention…”

“What do you mean by our cover is blown; I didn’t know that we were hiding…”

Meriwether continued. “Rudy needs to be in hospital and you two somewhere else before we ship you out of this continent.”

“What to do? One: Find two 10 milligram morphine suppositories in the first aid kit in the big biscuit barrel and give them to Rudy in the arse...to relieve the pain.”

“Two: Go to the front door and open the electricity circuit breaker cabinet, open the little door numbered 28 and remove the cardboard box. Close the doors. This is your resource box, take it with you. It contains money, the keys to a nondescript beige-coloured Ford car parked in the garage and other useful things.”

“Three: Pack your stuff into the Ford car. Four: Drive Rudy to the Catharina Ziekenhuis in Eindhoven in the list of useful addresses in the resource box. He is expected. Drive normally.”

“Five: The two of you drive over the border and book into a quiet hotel for two nights. Stay quiet and ring me tomorrow morning. Gottit?”

I don’t remember much about the journey, perhaps I slept most of it. I do remember that Friday said that she would like to meet Meriwether – not much chance of that – Meriwether is just a big chunk of problem-solving AI software.

They put Rudy on a trolley at the hospital and wheeled him inside. We told them about the morphine. I think that he needed an operation immediately.

We found a nice hotel in Kleve. “The number plate on the car starts with the three letters KLE.”

“Anne, you are so clever.”