politician at airport

He was the second most important politician in the country.

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He was there sitting in the middle of the first class lounge, he was the second most important politician in the country, he was certainly the most evil and nasty person that we knew of, he was probably catching a flight to the capital city.

Friday said one word: congeal. I nodded my head. We both stared at him. His arms fell to his sides. His expression left his face. He remained seated. We got onto a flight to Brussels, but before we went we had done our bit for our country.

We flew first class – very good. At Brussels Zaventem a limo was waiting for us, a nice young man opened the doors for us. “Hello Saturday, hello Friday! My name is Rudolf. I’m your guide and minder for the next few weeks.” He certainly was nice, he certainly was well dressed.” Friday looked inside him and gave me a thumb’s up.

We drove for about an hour, we passed through Antwerpen and Rudolf told us about our program. We had been invited by a Flemish Stichting – I can’t give you the name of the foundation – to survey education in the Trafalgar Cone. Why us? Because we are a teacher and a librarian and because we speak Spanish.

Rudolf told us the program: two months each for about six countries in the Trafalgar Cone. But first a month of preparation in a very nice country mansion somewhere in Belgium: diplomacy, reporting, country culture and South Cone Spanish. “The three of us – I’m part of the team.”

It was on the news that first evening: a high-ranking politician found dead waiting to board a plane. The authorities would not announce the cause of death. A week later: the cause of death was unnatural, a solidi­fication of all the body fluids. The sensation media: mummi­fication, a new method of assas­sination.