And milk comes frozen home in pail.

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Copyright © 2020, Michael M Wayman

It was Monday morning, I put on a dressing gown and went downstairs to put on a pot of coffee. There was a half-naked girl lying on the kitchen table. “Hello! You must be Tom, I’m Clare.”

“Good morning, Clare!”

She was certainly something to look at. She told me that Miss Bulge had got her to As and that she was working on to Bs. “Maybe one day to Cs.”

This I found odd, A is the highest academic grade for schoolwork, why did she want to go down to B or even lower C? I ground some coffee beans and put them in the filter and added the right amount of water.

“And after I got the As the boys became interested in me. I’ve had a few idiot boyfriends, but the one I got now is fine.”

I opened the fridge door to get the milk. “Oh, no!” Everything was frozen, I turned the control knob back to the middle position. “And milk comes frozen home in pail.”

I realised that the As were not what I thought they were, she meant two not to, the two As were closer to home...

In came Thea. “Hello Clare!”

“Hello Miss Bulge!” And Thea got down to work. I knew that Thea was the Agony Aunt at her school, but this was taking things a bit too far. I noticed how gentle Thea was with Clare. I was sure that I could be gentle too, so I joined in.

Clare told us all that she was going to do to her boyfriend that coming evening. And in great detail. There was nothing that Thea and I could say.

I closed my eyes and Clare disappeared. Something odd, very odd, I felt so very close to Thea as if Clare was not there, very odd.

“OK, that’s ten minutes.” And she was off. The summer sunlight shone through the doorway and illuminated Thea like a rose bed in the garden. “Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?”

Time for breakfast. “The milk is very cold, isn’t it? But the coffee is good.”

Thea put the cup and plates in the dish washer. “If you think that I’m going to do to you what Clare said that she would do to her boyfriend, then say so.”

“Yes, please!”

“As you like it.”