long week starts here

I had been thinking about chewing his ears all week.

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Copyright © 2020, Michael M Wayman

I was putting all my eggs into one basket, great if it worked out, but pain and hurt for me if it failed. I had never had a boyfriend like Tom.

I waited on the platform, the train from Big City arrived and Tom got out. It was an important kiss, it lasted six minutes, I know because I just happened to be looking at the platform clock.

“Would you still like me if I was taller than you?” It was a trick question. He said yes and yes he would still like me if I earned more than him, he was not macho.

On the way back I parked and he got out and bought a take-away: chicken vindaloo, lamb tikka and special rice. “I got a crate of beer at home.”

I got him home and bit his ear. I’m almost as tall as him and I had been thinking about chewing his ears all week. “You really have the whole week off?” It was Friday evening.

“Yep, nine days in all. No phone calls, I’m stood down. And you get a whole week for half-term?”

“Yes, a whole week.” I put two plates in the microwave oven to warm them and the three tubs of food onto an electric hot-tray. “If it’s not hot enough, I’ve got some Tabasco sauce.”

I grabbed a cold beer from the fridge and two tulips from the vitrine and carefully poured two beers. “Cheers!” We clinked the bases of the two glasses, drank and sat on the sofa. “Another beer?”

“The week starts here. Cheers!”