Five minutes of glorified dribble.

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Copyright © 2020, Michael M Wayman

The marriage service in the old church was splendid, but why was I there? And why have all my friends that I have met in less than a year in Bigtown vanished? Where have they gone to?

A waitress offered glasses of champagne and orange juice, I took a juice, I knew nobody, I didn’t know the little town, I stood there, I was lost. I looked around, the hotel was good despite that word “wellness”, the park outside was very attractive. I could imagine young Victorian nurses pushing old people smothered in rugs in quaint three-wheeled chairs around the lake.

“Welcome everybody to the reception. Here comes the freshly married bride and groom – five minutes of glorified dribble – I now declare the buffet open.” Thus spake the best man, the master of ceremonies.

The food was very good and then came the speeches, at least one was entertaining.”

“You don’t look as if you know a soul here.”


“Let’s go for a walk around the park.”

He was actually taller than me, he didn’t speak about cars and sports or that other favourite of men: sports and cars.

“You really want to know? I have no interest in playing games or betting or such, so keeping fit is OK, but sports are out. And cars got really uninteresting before I was born.”

“So why are you at this wedding? You said that you knew nobody...”

“I did not get an invitation, but I did get a phone call from the best man, I had no choice.”

We talked about things that interested us – no pretence.

We went to my hotel room and I hung high two dresses for him to choose from. “Oh, the red dress for you and the blue one for me.” He was joking, he kept his grey suit on, but he was right about the red dress. “Isn’t there a song with the words ‘with the red dress on’?”

Dinner at eight and don’t be late! It was a formal dinner with lots of speeches. There was planned seating. I lost sight of him, I remember nothing.

There is a word for it: ‘filmriss’ means torn film, a black-out, some missing hours.

Where was I? I remembered the words ‘with the red dress on’. I still had my red dress on. How did I know that, it was pitch black. It was warm, I stuck my tongue out, it was warm, it was hairy.