What is a POG?

All I did was witness the forms.

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I drove Mrs Gaynor home. She was a bit shaken up, it is not every day that you are offered the position of head teacher, even if it was only temporary.

Mr Gaynor insisted that I stay for the evening, he rang his daughter and his son, soon the house was full of children and grandchildren. He also fetched some very good red wine from the cellar. Someone prepared a feast – it was a really big celebration.

All the adults thanked me. “I didn’t do anything really, all I did was witness the forms. But can I ask: What is a POG?”

“You must know, Mrs Bulge, that carnival is very important in Bigtown. There are four carnival clubs and the best one is the Four Crosses. They don’t only do dancing, balls, processions and stuff, they are big charities, they run schools, hospitals, clinics, care for the needy and so on. They are run by a group of people of good heart, the so-called goodness.”

“Every year in March people are selected to join the goodness, they must be pure at heart. You have already been chosen, Mrs Bulge.”