new head teacher

B changed her face from sour lemons to glee.

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“Drop everything and come to the head teacher’s study.” It was the end of the day, the end of the week, and I was in the staff room marking homework. What had I done this time? The school secretary urged me to hurry.

I knocked on the door, a voice said “Come in!” It was a voice I knew, but it was not that of the head teacher. I entered. It was like a funeral in the room, very solemn. “Hello Mrs Bulge, I have invited you as a witness. Mrs Bane and Mr Cronach are governors and are also witnesses.” It was Mrs P, what was she doing here? Why was B in the room?

“I am here as the chairperson and spokesperson of the school governors to ask the head teacher to resign, all the governors are agreed on this action. We ask the head teacher to sign this letter of resignation and leave the country tomorrow morning.”

“We find that the head teacher has a very low level of goodness and much nastiness, evil and hate. This has been verified by B. If the head teacher is still in this country this time tomorrow B will terminate her.”

“Please read and sign these two letters.” The head teacher signed the letters without reading them and without saying a word. Mrs P, the two governors and I signed the letters as witnesses.

I was confused, certainly the head teacher was nasty, evil and hateful, but did she have to resign, did B have to “terminate” her?

Mrs P gave the ex-head teacher one of the letters and a one-way plane ticket to the other side of the planet. The ex-head teacher left without a word.

Three minutes later Mr Bryans knocked on the door – same procedure as last time.

Three minutes later Mrs Gaynor knocked on the door. Oh, no. the governors want to get rid of Mrs Gaynor, the best teacher in the school in my humble opinion. But no…

“Hello Mrs Gaynor! The governors have accepted the resignations of the head teacher and of Mr Bryans. A head of natural sciences is not needed. However… Mrs Gaynor. We, the governors, are offering you the job of acting head teacher. Do you accept?”

The atmosphere in the room changed to joy, B changed her face from sour lemons to glee. Mrs Gaynor said “Yes, thank you, yes.” Everybody clapped hands.

Mrs P continued “I thought you would. We can’t offer you the permanent position, there are strict rules for the selection of teachers, however your chances are very good. We are bringing the goodness back to the school. We are all POGs here, except Mrs Bulge who will become a POG at the start of the carnival new year.”

What is a POG?