not sure

I want to be a girl.

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“I want to be a girl.”

It was Agony Aunt time again.

“But I thought that you are a girl, you look like a girl.”

START OF TIRADE – You’re all the same, you don’t want to know – MORE TIRADE – you don’t want to help me – END OF TIRADE

“Wait a moment, I have only said one sentence. I think that I can help. Let’s see if I have understood what you said, a little bit of patience please.”

“You have been brought up as a girl, you do not understand why, but you like being a girl.”

“You have however the body of a boy. No, you don’t have to show me. Most of the other girls make fun of you, especially in the changing room – you are unhappy – you want to have the body of a girl.”

“I can understand that, but I’ll be honest with you, I can’t help you...”

indescribable noise

“very much. But I know someone who can, a doctor. and no, before you moan about awful male gynaecologists, she is a she.”

“I’ll write down her name, address and phone number for you. If you want I’ll come with you.”

She stared at me.