I know where you live.

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Copyright © 2019, Michael M Wayman

I was walking down the corridor towards the staff room when an arm shot out the head teacher’s room and pulled me inside. It was the head teacher’s arm, did she want to maul me again?

“I know where you live and I will visit you at 8 o’clock this evening.”

Waiting in the staff room was the head of sciences, was he waiting for me? I sat down at my desk, he put his hand on my shoulder and squeezed it hard.

The head of sciences, Mr Bryans, is my boss, he is v.big, v.ugly, v.demanding and v.bossy. As you might have guessed I don’t like him and keep out of his way. What did he want from me? I feared the worse.

“I know where you live and I will visit you at 8 o’clock this evening.”

Quarter past eight found me down the pub, I had left my front door open, the two of them could do what they liked.

And there she was, Mrs Gaynor, the last person I expected to be by herself in a pub. “Hello Mrs Bulge, good to see you. I was expecting to meet up with my group here in the pub, but none of them have come, perhaps I got the wrong day...”

“What would you like to drink, Mrs Gaynor?” She wanted a vodka and orange, I ordered a large beer and we sat in the bay window with a view over the river.

Mrs Gaynor knew a lot about the school and lot about teaching, I often asked her about teaching stuff, she had so much experience, she was much liked in the school, but had never been made a department head, why?

“Things are gradually changing in the school, mostly for the best. At the beginning of the school year the Four Crosses Trust took over the school, several neglected, but necessary repairs have been made to the buildings, some new teachers have been hired, that includes you, Mrs Bulge.”

I could have mentioned that a new head teacher was needed and a few other things, but I didn’t. I was sure that Mrs Gaynor was in a better position to judge. I told her that all the new teachers, including me, were interested in changes, but we thought that the senior teachers were in a better position to fight for them.

“Mrs Gaynor, why don’t we go for a walk along the river? The sun’s still shining.”