no Mrs T

My car winked at us.

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Copyright © 2019, Michael M Wayman

She knew that something was wrong, she had sensed a little nastiness and evil in the town in the last few days, she went to Mrs T’s apartment.

I knew why B was there. B was always there where the trouble was. B was there to help. Together we searched the apartment, but no sign of Mrs T. This was bad, Mrs T was not able to walk unaided across the room and certainly unable to leave the building. We phoned Mrs Howdane, but no joy.

B picked up my handbag and hung it around her neck. She rummaged around inside and found my keys. She waved my keys at me and went outside, I followed. She pressed the unlock button on the car key and my car winked at us. B opened the driver’s door and put the keys on the dashboard. She opened the door behind and got in.

I got in, B kissed the back of my neck and I drove away. I turned left when B tapped my left shoulder and right when she tapped the right one. She knew where to go, but how?

After about twenty minutes we entered a very narrow, unmade road which led to an old farmhouse. B kissed the back of my neck and I stopped the car.

The front door was locked, but that did not stop B. Inside was very dusty and dark, I think the building was abandoned. And there lying on an old sofa was Mrs T all bound up with rope. I went to Mrs T to comfort her, she smiled weakly at me. B went in another direction.

There standing in the other part of the room was a large and vicious-looking man, he laughed. Perhaps it was not the best idea to be there – it looked bad. B approached the man, who pulled out a large knife and laughed even louder. Oh, no!

B grabbed the man’s wrist and crushed it. He dropped the knife. B threw him against a wall and the building shook. B picked up the knife and cut Mrs T free.

I drove back with Mrs T and B on the back seat. B directed me with a finger, but we took a different route and drew up in front of a very large bungalow. B kissed the back of my neck. Lettie and a large blond woman came running towards us. B and Lettie carried Mrs T inside and Mrs P, for it was Mrs P, hugged me.

“Oh thank you, thank you! You and B have returned Mrs T back to me. I received the ransom demand two hours ago, but I knew that you and B would find Mrs T, Lettie has been talking with your smart phone all the time. But do come inside, we must celebrate.”

Mrs T was on one of the sofas, Mrs P sat to her left, I sat to her right and B massaged her bruised arms and legs. Lettie brought a glass of water and a bowl of hot chicken broth, Mrs T was very thirsty and hungry.

Mrs P performed mouth-to-mouth feeding on Mrs T. Was she happy, Mrs T stared at Mrs P the whole time and Mrs P stared at Mrs T the whole time. I was happy. Who knows if B was happy, she still had my handbag hung around her neck.