fairy glade

Haematomae all over.

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She knew that something was wrong, she had sensed a little nastiness and evil in the town in the last few days, she ran to the source. She entered the fairy glade, it was a small grassy opening with magic toadstool rings in the woods, there was no path to it, you had to know where it was. And it was not there every day.

And there was the trouble: a man and a woman. But just then the glade was invaded by a red army of teenage school girls wearing red cardigans. Some ran after the man who was trying to escape, no chance against these very fit, hockey players, they bruised him all over. Some comforted the woman and helped her to her feet. Some filmed the whole affair with their smart phones.

She could only watch. An adult appeared, the girls’ teacher, it was Mrs Bulge.

Mrs Bulge was surprised to see B there; however she was not surprised by what the girls were doing, though they were supposed to be on a nature discovery walk in the town park.

Miss Ripgrade had told Mrs Bulge about a stalker, a mysterious man, who had been following her and sending her nasty emails. Miss Ripgrade was perhaps ten years older than Mrs Bulge and also a teacher, but was a 200% ninny. Miss Ripgrade was the woman in trouble, she had lost half her clothing.

“OK girls! Put him down!” The girls let the man fall to the ground. They filmed him trying to crawl away, he did not get far. “I’m going to phone for an ambulance.”

Five minutes later “Everybody get to the edge of the glade, take Miss Ripgrade with you.” A helicopter landed and paramedics took the man and Mrs Ripgrade away.

“Line up girls!” The girls and Mrs Bulge stood together. Somebody had given B a phone, B pointed the phone at the group. “Congratu­lations girls! You did the right thing. Let’s hope that Miss Ripgrade will be OK. And now back to the school.”

Within an hour the video of the whole affair was on the internet. Mrs Bulge took two of the girls and some woman’s clothing to Miss Ripgrade in the hospital. “I’ll be alright, I just need some rest and quiet.” They dressed Miss Ripgrade and said nice things to her and took her home.

They did not visit the man, he remained in hospital for weeks, he was never identified, he was sent to a home and made baskets.