what I do for Mrs T

She's happy most of the time.

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Copyright © 2019, Michael M Wayman

What do I do for Mrs T? Just about everything. She keeps breathing, that’s automatic, that’s true. But everything else needs help: eating, drinking, dressing, undressing, going to the bathroom…

But mostly I hang on to her, I put my arms around her and tell her nice things. On the sofa during the day and in her bed at night. She’s happy most of the time, some times she cries, but some times…

Actually I don’t know what is happening to her. I think that she is thinking and that her brain is being torn this way and that way trying to understand that somebody loves her and wants to be with her and wants to marry her.

And who is this person? Is it the mysterious Mrs P? And why is she not here? With Mrs T?

I just hang on to her.