catch fire

You could give me a right mauling.

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Copyright © 2019, Michael M Wayman

“You’ve got 40 fingers, 8 hands, 4 mouths and more, but you can’t or won’t use ‘em. You could give me a right mauling if you wanted to, but somehow you don’t. I’ll try again. Ripping off my clothes and licking the back of my knees doesn’t cut it. Just give up, you’re useless.”

I knew who they were, they wore nylon stockings pulled over their heads, but I’m not stupid and I didn’t want my big toes chewed again.

“However all is not lost, I’ve been talking to your music teacher, you can play musical instruments and you can sing. So why not start a pop group, I’ve got a name for it. No, no, not The Four Marys, no, try CATCH FIRE!!!