Miss Bulge eats budgerigars.

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My name is Thea Bulge, I’m a teacher, the school children call me Miss Bulge, the other teachers Mrs Bulge.

There are always silly rumours going around the school about me: Miss Bulge has too many bulges, Miss Bulge eats budgerigars, that why she has bulges, Miss Bulge has bulges where she shouldn’t have them and, best of all, Miss Bulge does not have any real bulges, because Miss Bulge is a man.

They were determined, they wanted to know, they were wearing nylon stockings over their heads. But I recognised them, the four Marys wanted to know if my bulges were real, was I a man or not. One of them grabbed the key to the prep room and opened the door and the four of them bundled me inside and took me apart.

It was Mary Cotter who shouted out the truth. “She really is a woman. What shall we do now?”

And it was Mary Radleigh who said “Let’s have our fun with her.” The three other Marys found that a good idea.