hand grabs me

The head teacher had a reputation.

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Copyright © 2019, Michael M Wayman

I was walking down the corridor towards the staff room when an arm shot out the head teacher’s room and pulled me inside. It was the head teacher’s arm, what did she want from me?

The head teacher is v.big, in fact 2.big, v.ugly, v.demanding and v.violent. As you might have guessed I don’t like her and keep out of her way. What did she want from me? I feared the worse.

“Sit down! And look at these two photos! I know that you are the Agony Aunt for the whole school, but these pics are really bad.” They were bad, one showing me with a schoolgirl and my hand being in a place where it should not have been, the other showing me with a schoolboy and my hand being in a place where it should not have been. I laughed, I did not recognise the girl or the boy.

“You can laugh, but the public won’t be laughing if the media receive these pictures. However I know where you live and I will visit you at 8 o’clock this evening. You may go!”

The head teacher had a reputation, I was going to suffer, not good.

Quarter past eight found me lying on my living room floor, my cloths all torn and with me looking like I’d been pulled through a hedge backwards. I quite enjoyed it.